I love Fish... Koi Fish

Once again trying to break into here, This is one of my favorite shirts so far. Hope you guys like it.

Watch this

I love fish too... but this is very old school tattooish, so it's not really catching me. Good work though.

Zyggy's baboon

Fish are not used enough. I like it, it's really well drawn. I'd buy it.


It's like that other koi fish one. But I like this...

Terry Citizen

I really don't understand this fixation with Koi Fish on Threadless? Apart from it's origins in tattoo art, I am without any frame of reference?!


Koi Fish represent prosperity and good fortune. The lengend behind the koi fish is that if a koi fish (aka Carp) jumps the deamon gate waterfall then it becomes a dragon. You can do a search on koi fish and get a muche richer explanation.


YES!! More Koi!! :DD


its a fish. woopdi freakin doo.


a fish is a nice change from depressed kids and rabbits.


I really like the koi fish concept..not enough fish around here! Maybe if the graphic was a bit smaller, though?


............... does look like tribal koi tattoo art. ... but i guess if you're going for that, that's... nice.

no doubt; i love koi fish also. but perhaps if you did it like, ukiyo-e style (japanese block print); the koi would look awesome. but this one looks just a bit cartoonish. ..


There aren't enough fish shirts out there but this one looks a little bit flat. Definitely could be off the wall of any tattoo shop too. 3


Don't make it a colored fish, and the t-shirt will look good w-natural colors, keep it up!!


oops... sorry there was no comment on the last one. okay this shirt had soooooo much potential, i would have loved it if the fish had more of a lighter tone and if it was more drawn like those koi on the sushi restraunts! that would be awesome, but it's way too dark and the drawing is pretty bleh.


'koi' means 'penis' in my native language! lol


I like it...if the design were centered and raised, I'd probably buy it

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