I think Threadless should have a grab bag. Like maybe in stead of buying a $15 shirt, you buy a thing for a little less in your size but you don't know what shirt you're going to get. I'm sure they could have some way where you check off which shirts you already have or what shirts you would be interested in getting, I think it would be fun.

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I'd rather just pay for shirts I want without the risk of getting something I don't.

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GAB BAG is more like it. That way there's more symmetry.


I think the standard grab bag tees should be Afternoon Delight, Goatse, Stabby McKnife and Let The Rabbit Eat.

Pico has something like this. It's nice if you don't care about what you're getting, but if you pay attention to the threadless stock charts over time you'll be able to figure out what the "unpopular" designs are, which eould most likely be given away for the grab bag.


Only if they put lisa frank stickers in it


and if you could check off what shirts you already have... then just check off everything except the one you want... voila! shirt you want for cheaper.


but they could keep track o what you order and then they will know when you're lying

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i thought this blog was going to be about testicle snatching. what a relief. i think a mystery shirt sale would be amusing but you'd be pretty much guaranteed only of getting the horrible unsellable ones. is saving a few bucks worth having a shirt you wouldn't wear? i think not.


Yeah, I don't want to end up receiving Flowers in the Attic for chrissakes!

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