Hey, would everyone who hates "Betrayal" and ":)" because they promote violence against women please come and slag on this one, too? You know, I'm just not into the whole promoting violence against men thing...

Oui, je suis un smartasse.

Actually, I like the design. I like the unfinished feeling in certain details and the white ghosts that aren't quite in line with the bodies... Pretty cool.

Watch this

Don't worry, this gets a zero from me too.

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Completely tasteless in a completely un-funny way. Zero.


I like it. ha. that phrase isn't generally used in such contexxt.


I really dig the style of the illustration, but I think the text could use some work. overall though, probably not something I would wear.


when i saw the thumbnail, i thought it was for the extra tasty contest. thought it was a guy puking. that would have been coolio!

i like the simplicity of the illustration.

nice work, thug! :-)


doesnt really look like this goes well on a shirt, maybe it would make a better poster or something.


Well I think it's funny as all hell. Only thing i would change would be to finish the beast of an attacker's foot; other than that i would definitely wear it. hahahahaha, time heals all wounds, sigh.


the legs of the attacker are messed up and really distract you from the rest of the shirt.


nice illustration style. is it just me, or is he eying that dudes booty?


cool kinda reminds me of the Never Surrender belt from Heartcore...good job though i like it:)


first thing i thought of when i looked at this was:

shit .. that guy who's getting his ass kicked is gonna grow up to be the boss of that li'l footless punk


Are those pixels along the outline of the white?

I'll give a pity 1. Woulda been a 2 if the submitter had tried to defend his work by now...


Great idea, I'm just not diggin the actual art.

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Don't listen to the folks who are telling you to ditch the text or change the text! As MutedTeal says, the words are not normally used in this context and that's precisely what makes it a funny shirt.


I really like it. I wouldn't wear it though. 'cause violence makes me sad.

i am a music fan

i like this. one thing is though that the "whiteness" around the people is kind of pixelated. 3


ok the art is really nice and all but what is with the violence?! it's just plain weird. pity that your concept is so morbid because your composition is really good.


I guess it's time I said something about it, which wouldn't be evident by just seeing it with no explanation.

both of the guys are actually me – it's an illustration I did which was originally intended to be a painting when I was going through sort of a rough time. "beating myself up" and all.


i like it... enough with the giddy penguins, finally some art.


I like the idea. Keep the text. The simpleness and unfinished feeling really make it more interesting. I would wear it.


there is too much space between the O and the U in wounds


thaw - excellent concept once I knew the explanation

but that would be a problem - not knowing it's the same dude when you look at it


Yeah the explanation is sort of necessary. Otherwise you just look like some moshpit, hot topic douche.


Actually, after looking at your other submissions I take that back.


Like this V much... Great illustration... nice type.... Subject is controversial. I like it.


Because the you against yourself thing isn't all that aparent, it really just looks like a shirt promoting beating the shit out of people for the hell of it. I'm not even for beating the shit out of people when there's a good reason. I agree with Ruudlyinterrupted. It's really unfortunate that it such beautiful work combined with such an abrasive image.

nos veratas

i think if maybe they were both wearing the same shirt it would be cool, cuz it would convey what you explained. but other then that i love it. useless violence or violent emotions are cool =D lol. shame on you hippies. ya did good kid, ya did good...

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