Quod me nutrit me destruit

Perhaps I am missing something, but why is this in the Extra Tasty comp?

Watch this

Just the eating metaphor. I struggled with whether that was "enough," but ultimately decided to leave it up to the Threadless team.


A design doesn't have to have an alcoholic beverage to be an Extra Tasty sub, so I think you made a good choice. Nice design, by the way... I love the colors.


Nice concept, good balance and great use of colors.


doesnt angelina jolie have that tattooed on her lower stomach?...



i thought this was a JOT submission at first.

great design


Thanks for the comments, gang.

Kerrn -- she does have the title phrase tattooed, which is where I first heard of it... this is hopefully less creepy :)


it took me way too long to realize it said "commerce"

Elisa Rocket

i like just the two colors better.


It doesn't have to be a beverage shirt, but the website sponsering it IS a drinking site, so.......


It should be "science" instead of "commerce." :D


mmm, vicious cycles. art and commerce feed off eachother im thinking is what s/he's saying.religion and science? art and ennui? yin and yang? we could go on for the rest of eternity. Replacing it would change what s/he wanted to say.


love the colors
love what it says
i would buy it

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