Narwhals Fight With Ivory

If you do or don't like it tell me why please! That way I can know what to do for future designs. Thanks!

Watch this

the text is unnecessary. your squid also has 9 arms and they look odd. merged together or soemthing. also the quality of your line work is too rough (unless intentional and then not rough enough)


yeah, like work could use an overhaul, but i actually like the text, reminds me of old nature documentary voiceover.


i don't like how the eyes look.. and like ^ said the lines are lil rough, need more work on the pen tool to get that right... and the whole thing looks lil too plain


I like the text, too. I think the lines might look better if they were just a little thicker. I really like the color combination.

Joan Burroughs

Should squidy's tentacles be longer?


I like the text, but starting the sentence off with "indeed," seems wrong.


I think the text--particularly the "indeed"--is brilliant, as it seems to come from a page in an ancient children's book. As my fascination with Narwhals can be traced to such a book, I would buy this shirt instantaneously.


Leave the "Indeed", it makes the whole thing worthwhile. And I'd use less puke-looking colours, no offense...


is the narwhal supposed to want to rape the squid? cuz thats what it looks like sort of


ivory sword indeed you naughty boy.

quite excellent choice of typeface, some kinda nineteenth century italic, very moby dick. the colors strike me as a little odd, maybe that's just me, why coral and pale turquoise? why different intensities of color? if the squid were a little paler it would balance the narwhal a little better, which matches well with the white lettering. overall the whole design is pleasingly balanced, which is a difficult thing with the text working diagonally one way and the illo working the other.


There is no intentional (or even subliminal) rape reference that i am aware of in this piece. Thanks for all your comments. I agree with the possibility of a more pale squid - i tried it in the preliminary drafts. Something i may adjust if chosen.


i dont really like the way the eyes look either


Indeed this is a brilliant shirt!!! It seems to depict the anticipation of an epic battle, to begin shortly thereafter. Thank you, petecarrol, for your artistic genius! Side note: Octopi have 8 tentacles, however squids can have many. The illustration is correct.


Ah!! Narwhals are my favorite animal! I like it... the eyes are a little off and the horn should be more to the left of the mouth to be realistic but i guess it doesnt matter b/c this is more cartoony. I am working on two narwhal themed designs to submit lol. I would buy it. Crap I hope narwhals don't become the new unicorn-type craze.


Dude yes i would buy the shit out of this 5$


this is the best shirt ive ever seen! its so amazing petecarrol! you are so clever..
.... i think we should go out sometime...


this shirt just makes me laugh with joy.

love it


Amazing stuff! I think I'll get one.


narwhals are too cliche. my first design was a narwhal coming out of a pokeball


I want this now! please let it be printed, and keep the text! I like the eyes too, especially the squid's. they remind me of the drawings from Yellow Submarine.


i like the documentary idea. good shirt.
i'd buy it


leave the text EXACTLY AS IT IS


I love the text but not the image. I mean, the image is good, but the way it is hitting the squid and the set up of the shirt need to be changed.


Love the text and the narwhal is adorable! However, the squid's tentacles are a little funky and I think it would be better if the squid was facing the narwhal. Still -- awesome awesome! I love it!


it's so badly drawn but i think that's what makes it great.


ohh i want this!


my only experience with narwhals is from "elf", so i dont really know how to judge him, but i agree with leaving the text as is and possibly adjusting the eyes and squid color and tentacles. hope you win; i'd love to get this shirt.


I would definitely put a comma after indeed.


Narwahals don't really have ivory but i like the idea.


I'd like it with out the text


I like the text. I agree with the people who said that it reminds them of a nature documentary, or of a nineteenth century children's book.


Yeah - it's a quote from Verne's 20,000 leagues under the sea!!


i know someone who would totally buy this, because the guy is obsessed with narwhales. $4


Squid should have 10 tentacles, and two of them should be those funny attack tentacles, but that really isn't all that distracting to me. I like the design a lot, but the placement of the text looks a bit odd to me. Also, maybe more shirt color options would be nice, but that's just because I have too many navy blue shirts as it is.

Otherwise, it's a really funny design. 5


Dude, that's messed up. It made me cry. Still, I'd buy it.


yes, i believe the two extra tentacles are used for mating and fighting... i think you should keep the squid the colour it is. it's more.. squid-like that way. but i don't like the blue shirt.

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