What's your favorite number?

Hooray for text! I realize that there are a lot of copyrighted names on this and numbers are technically spelled with a "-" between them, but I think it's cute anyway.

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that's pretty cool. it took me a moment to get it, but i like it.

By the way, the t at the end of "nineteenth amendment" is yellow, when i think you for it to be white.


oops, somehow the word "intended" got deleted from my comment. just insert that in between "you" and "for."


SWEET! Earth, Wind and Fire is awesome (nice shirt too) $5


This is neat. I think carat is gemstones and karat is gold, but I'm not positive. Really a very cool design.

Whistler Pot Pie

this is thirty two flavors and then some.
check spelling on beethoven's name.
and i don't like the sigma shape - may be a number sign?


i love the sigma. "number sign" like pound sign? that would be worse. sigma means sum and it makes sense.


Yes, this is great, but there are 66 books in the Bible. Sorry, if you could find something else for 46, I'd buy it.


is that a five for fighting lyric?

i'm sorry, based on that alone there's no way this shirt can get better than a 2.


"beetoven's thirty second sonata"? oooops. nice design, otherwise.


I don't get the significance of 48.


^^ Hint: that one's easier for Americans to understand.

This is really awesome, by the way. Shame on you for not entering it in Joy of Text.


it looks like one of the shirts the people at MIT have. i LOVE it.


love the concept and esp love the sigma.


Ya, good job! Good catch on spelling Beethoven's name, WPP.


Love this. It's very clever.


I'm not feeling this one.


i like the idea but i wouldn't wear.. sorry


i would wear this and then have to deal with people reading it. Who cares! I crave attention!


I like the design, but I think too many people would just think I'm in a fraternity. Maybe add some kind of background to downplay the sigma just a little.

Sgt. Pepper

Sorry, it's 46 books in the Old Testament, I'm pretty sure karat and carat can be used interchangably (one is for mass, the other purity), and I did spell Beethoven incorrectly. This is my first submission and I wanted to enter the joy of text, but I wasn't sure how. Thanks for the comments, and I'm sorry for all the errors, (I'm fixing them on my original) I guess I was over anxious to submit my first design.


You spelled beethoven wrong, stupid. It has an "h" in it - the h is lacking in the picture, dumbass. Holy shit you suck.

Sgt. Pepper

um, I'm pretty sure I corrected myself in the comment right above the one you just posted

Sgt. Pepper

I caught another error myself, I put too many "a" s in "fame". If you catch them I'll fix them.


I wonder who's stupider, the calm one using his time to express himself artistically or the arrogant insulting one who has nothing better to do...gee, I wonder.

Anyway, I love the design, and without the errors it would be really great. $4.


the 37 cent stamp is now the 39 cent stamp.

this is a nice concept. i'm not crazy about the epsilon, though. and at the top, the lines seem to be off from one side to the other. it gets a little hard to read.


love it. great concept, great execution.


gettysfayg... where do you see epsilon?


i think it is a good idea, people are once again to critical.


this is a great design. the thirty nine degree angle and thirty seven cent stamp could be easily switched, and the errors are fixable, also. great job!

chisafer profile pic Alumni

Okay, This Shirt better become a published one. Okay? okay. Because this would look very nice on my "broad, buff torso". Or lack there of. Anyway, not everyone needs to know how handsome I am, but this shirt is the "bomb" as some would call it. Don't you think?

is a gunslinger

Fix all the little erros everyone is picking on and you got a 5$ shirt. Great idea, must of took you a damn long time to make too.


HAHA i'm learning about sigma RIGHT NOW in math so this is a pretty awesome shirt even though I'm not too fond of math. Anyway after reading it through I think its really creative. It's easy to understand yet its not overly simple or unimaginative.
As for the errors I honestly wouldn't have noticed all of them if these people didn't point it out. If you fixed that I think this shirt would be really great. (:


man this is nice 5


This shirt rocks my world.


there is a spelling error in the 30 days past september.

besides that, 5. neat idea.


no one has ever had such an aptly fitting screenname than that of patheticindividual. watch me be constructive and respectful. you're a dumbass, sir! :D

Sgt. Pepper, this concept is excellent. i was frantically scanning to make sure you included 42. and you did.


Holy God this is amazing. It's hard to read from far away, but such an amazing concept! $5


looks great on wind because the light blue really stands out, without taking too much away from everything else...5 and buyable


thirty days HATH september.


Aw, I'm only sad that you couldn't go up to Fahrenheit 451, my favorite book! ;) Buuuut you have 42 in there, so I'll still buy it.


i personally hate sigma..because in math of the summation and such...but still neat concept. 4.


Great stuff. Extra props for 42.


I love it. Fix the errors and then i'll buy. :]


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