Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure... ha ... How can we resist?

Watch this

you shouls put it in the bottom corner, then have a bunch of other little helium birds floating around in a cluster near the top.


omg, woodstock is going to blow up, noooooooooo


i agree with jett


I agree with kapow, jett and dissonancetheory.


I agree with kapow, jett and dissonancetheory. But not you, thisiswhereitsat. I DON'T AGREE WITH YOU.

Oh, wait, agreeing with kapow, jett, and dissonancetheory automatically makes me agree with you.


Flying Gerbil King

I'm not sure 'Peer Pressure" adds anythign to the design. could just as well say "Giraffe" I like the inflating bird though. Maybe "pressurized peers" I dunno, think some more on the text.

and lower left is good, don't care much if there's more inflated bobbings

Little Liana

I agree with Jett's placement ideas

yes... you all make good points... i guess the tank doesnt have to say anything, also placement can be anywhere.. bottom would look good.


its sweet!


$5- love it


like the whole jett idea thing. very cute your bird is.


oh yeah, it IS a bird.

oh wait, i mean... i agree with matuso, thisiswhereitsat, dissonancetheory, kapow, jett, elvis, E.T., paul newman, bette davis, pat rafter, barbara walters...

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