That shouldn't have happen

  • by RyanCox
  • posted Feb 21, 2006

it would be really bad if a hot air ballon did this.

Watch this

Impossible..but I'm just a bit of a nerd, so you know. It's a nice design.


fuck I forgot the ed on happened, shit, well whatever

She Says So

quite a nice design.

but horribly to big.


^the size can be changed.... you don't need to vote lower because of it. but i do agree it is immensly large.


i would buy it if the picture was smaller... and maybe in a lower corner


i actually the size makes it better, it's a good idea. Maybe think about colour?

it's annoying that 90% of the designs are smaller across the chest.


Thank you Thievery, at least someone understands why I made it that big.

Tundraworthy Tunnels

maybe move the ballon slight to lower corner so it is falling off the shirt...just the tiniest piece of the balloon missing?

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

more color less technical and smaller... just because 3/4 the designs are too small doesnt mean you have to make yours 3 times the size it should be


it's not the size that bothers me, i typically like when the art covers my whole torso.......But, being a girl, the shape is not at all flattering to the stomach to hip region.
the art is cool, i just couldnt wear it :(


Well, you need to make it smaller because the max size is 13 inches square. You read the submission requirements, right?
The idea is amusing but the linework is fuzzy and it urgently needs colour to lift it out of the 'so what?' category.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Interesting concept...boring execution.


i agree

iwouldlove to see it in colour

pleasecolour it


I love it. I'd hate to see it smaller but if there are requirements, oh well.


it has got to be smaller but i love the design. if yuo ake it smaller put some sort of witty remark on it...i dunno


I like the concept, but I think it'd look a lot better with colors and no outlines. Also the guy falling out should be more noticable.


(oh, and a smaller balloon in comparison to the basket would be better too IMO)


Hmmm...conundrum, eh? 4-smaller, please. Some color would be nice also. :)

embrace your poison

'tis really , really big. But otherwise I love it so I'll give it a 5 anyway. -shrug-


Perhaps the image, or better, the lineart could be a softer, muted version or a stronger version of the shirt color itself?
I'd like to see something other than stark white going on with it.
Other than that, really funny and great job!


looks like an obscenely full diaper

biticol profile pic Alumni

too big and maybe should need other colours of line and shirt like purple and red or orange


Thanks for the ideas biticol, but I am not a big fan of the purple, red, and orange color shirts. I do agree I made it too big though.


I actually like the size of this. I think if the balloon was wrapped slightly around the waist, it would be more of a profile and would solve the size issue that people seem to dislike. Would you be able to shade it with a colour- gray perhaps? I like how its very graphic tho- it makes me laugh.


kazzaa-nyc, I like your ideas. I think I will do that.


This reminds me of one that is currently in stock...


Looks like you took a huge clip-art of a balloon and cut and pasted the falling Myst guy next to it.

Seriously, the guy looks exactly like the one on the cover of Myst...


well, I didn't, I am a designer, not someone trying to bullshit something to impress people.


haha i love it. but colour would give it more zing!
and we all love zing!


First I giggled. Then I thought, it's a bit big. Smaller would be better I think. But that's just my personal preference - ya know?


couldn't happen- unless you can temporarly fly baloons with lead


everyone's alread said this but i think its an amazing design however too big. nontheless, i give it a 5


Its the perfect size! although it should wrap around the side of the shirt.


You must have used the Myst character because there is no way on earth that you drew an outline of a man falling all by yourself. It impossible I say. I'm sorry to make jokes, and mean spirited at that. I should never say something as cruel as to imply that you would play Myst. No one is that lame.


haha, no I don't play mist. I actually went on google and typed in falling man, I found a figure of a man falling. I illustrated it first because it had some rough edges on it, and second I didn't want to just copy and paste something. It might be the myst guy, it didn't say anywhere on there that it was, but maybe.


about the size: it would be ok that big if it was just the line art w/o any of that white. if they print this, it will be like this big stiff sheet of plastic on the front of the shirt.

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