words are weapons of the heart

  • by Emmame
  • posted Feb 21, 2006

powerful........... and ture

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whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

very ture.


I think you need to make the face more clear. It took me a second to see. Cool concept though.


I like the idea, but it's too apparent that the same words are being used over and over. Also, it may just be my monitor, but the red could be a bit more vibrant.


i love how you put dork in there. i love calling people dorks. you could have put real negative names but you chose a whales penis. no seriously, good call.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is way to busy. Cool idea but it kind of hurts my head.


I would like it a lot better if it had more than three or four words repeated over and over. The design seems hurried. The red text hurts my eyes, and looks pixelated. I wish this had been done better, 'cause I'd buy it.


Also, I wish there wasn't such a distinct border, but a bit more fluid, and not in a box, if that makes any sense.


i love this.

goooooooooooooooooooooooooood job.


I, of course, would prefer to see it centered. I agree with those who say that a vocubular expansion would improve the design. I would also like to see it done with stronger language, as Nerd and Dork are almost compliments in my crowd.


not so fond of the text being white either...maybe something less abrasive?


I don't like how it looks all squarey. Also, there aren't enough different words. But I really like the idea.


copy AND paste!


I think that the repetitve words are perfect, it really sends the message, that we hear this so much. i like the abrasive colors too.


really cool idea, but I think you need to make the shape of the face more aparent. otherwise, its worthy of buying.

at it destruction

this is completely insane............i completely agree.........


You are an ugly fat nerd dork. I hate you and wish you would disappear.

Just kidding, I like it alot, but agree the red needs to be more in-your-face red and not such a dark shade.


really great idea, but would love to see it with a few more words and tweaked to reduce clutter and the cut-and-paste look of it.


this is mildly emo


it could fade out a little better, also the typface is unpleasant.


i really like this but would love it if you didnt just put the same words in there over and over again. 4


this is a bit of a take on that brilliant sans serif wallpaper... just nowhere close to as good. try it another way, with more words and different font.


yeah, less boxy andmore words and I love it


brings me back to middle school self esteem collages, but i like the words making a face saying the words thing


I really like this
one thing you could change is probably make it less of a box-like shape.

m. shadows

In addition to what others are saying try different point sizes and maybe a different typeface.


i think the design is too big for the bottom corner of the shirt. if it was a center placement, id totally buy it. or, if it were smaller in the corner.. id buy it as well.


a little too much repitition. but i'd buy it.


Wow, I like how the words created the face & all...and the placement looks great - if it went any higher part of th pic would get mashed into the arm pit. They're right about the repetition of the words though...there are so many of them to pick from, it seems like you might take advantage (thesauruses are good for you). Other than that I like it, very striking.

lemon nuggets

I really like this design, but the "squareness" bugs me a little.


concept is great, follow through not so. it appears as a block of text which doesn't really work for me. i'd like it more if the text didn't all finish at the same point, aim for a jagged appearance.


the edges are way too abrupt, maybe if the top and bottom borders were only created by the face, then the excess words came outinto a point or a string, following the angle of the red text. a little emo for my liking, but what really takes away is the block feel.


yes, great idea, more vocab.

you dont need curse words exactly, but more than what you have.
use a thesaurus if need be.
add in something like slut, ho, ect....


I once painted a picture that looks just like this. i love it


Five Money kid- beautiful & i'd buy it.


Idea like, exceution, maybe not.


lol emo


Wah. I'm a sad emo. Get this crap out of here.


that's deep.... i dont really like how its all squished on the beginning. know what i mean?? and try to spread out the words more.


Wow...that's pretty intense. I'd totally buy it.


Quite true... Words are weapons, I'd think they're the worst of all.
Heh, I actually didn't see the face until I read some of the other posts, but then it just jumped out at me.
Great job. I'd keep it the way it is now. Don't worry about the 'copy & paste' crap. Repetition is the best way to add emphasis, and looking through a Thesaurus is not the best of things to do... Trust me.

Great design.... I'm not sure if I've mentioned that before... but.... still. Great design.


I agree with some of the above.
Take nerd and dork out, and try and use more hateful words.
And I also agree, make the red more vibrant.
But a WONDERFUL idea and great placement!


love it xx


looks like an album cover, not a t-shirt


cute idea,

a less 'boxy' border would bump it up to a $5, so for now it`s 4.


i like the idea, but you could do a lot m ore with it.

instead of being a blob, make it more shaped. shaped into maybe a broken heart or a knife .... give it more meaning.

and bring more life to it. yes, use lots of hateful words. c'mon. check out other languages too. maybe evendifferent fonts. give it some vitality.

great idea. i love it, but i'd love it more if you took a lot of these comments and changed it and resubmitted. 3.


Am I the only one who sees a head within the block? Which would make sense, I love the idea, and I think if that is a head, then it really works well.

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