I made this from an oekaki i did.

For me it\'s a happy beaten up asian girl. For you it can mean anything.


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i like this very much :D $5

Fates Designer

Love it, good design, a good idea also.


This looks freaky...or maybe I'm just scared of bloody noses. But I like the way it'd drawn.


too much blow


Crazy amazing. Could just be my odd, occult style, but I think it's great design.


Women love being beaten - especially submissive asian women.

Zero from me.


you may want to rethink this


ummm.. im scared

Gloomy Monster

A lot of you are missundestanding this, i made it open to any interpretation you want to give apart from mine. Please, don't think i'm racist or something, i just think asian girls look nice with blood on them and that stuff


People here are clearly having a problem with you promoting violence against women. "i just think asian girls look nice with blood on them " isn't the best sort of counter-argument. This is foul. Get help.



"asian girls look nice with blood on them " huh?

M. Rogers

i love the way asian girls smile when they're beaten up. very arousing. you know? they're so submissive and greatful, and short, and they know karate, and they love hello kitty and noodles, and they carry samurai swords and fulfill all of my worst racist /sexist fantasies.

the drawing is good , but the implications are revolting.


WTF? Someone should find where this designer lives and go let him see how pretty he looks with blood on his face. I mean, you can interpret that however you want, it's open to each individual's own personal meaning of kicking this designer's racist-woman- hating ass.


omg, i just checked gloomy monster's profile, and to my horror, she is a woman! wtf? you need therapy.


omg, "i just think asian girls look nice with blood on them and that stuff," that was an extremly stupid thing to say if you wanted your shirt to have a chance of rating high, most people aren't into the violence thing, gotta give it a 0.


Are you kidding? 0

Gloomy Monster

first, yes i go to therapy xD, and for me the colour of blood is beautiful(that's what i mean), i draw very often people that have blood on themselves.
I don't want to promote violence, i just don't censore my way to see life and beauty with morality and the society's idea of life, i hate that, people always deny their true primitive instincts; and i do it in a healthy way. The way i think is too diferent from most people, and i have always lived like that and i don't care, is better than be just like everyone else, even if that means that less people will like me.

Gloomy Monster

oh, and i forgot, you are the sick people, because the girl coud have gogne into a fight and won, thatt's why she is bloody and happy :)


I think the drawing of the girl is beautiful, but the blood limits how many people would wear it.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

Face it: most of you have been pulled into the trap. Like it or not, Gloomy Monster is absolutely correct; this picture is what we read it to be. There is no reason that this needs to be a violence-on-women kind of a thing. Perhaps she's just gotten off the ice after a particularly rough period in a women's hockey game?

Now all that being said, I am not at all an easy person to offend. In fact, I will wear stuff to stir up shit. (Hell, I own tshirthell.com's "I [plane] NY" shirt and wear it regularly on weekends!) But I wouldn't wear this. Too many people would read it as a violence thing.

Still, great graphic. It's a fiver.

{And why does Ciani think this person is submissive? Because she's a woman? Because she's Asian?}


I like it, it's well drawn. I don't like so much the purple things under her eyes but it's ok.
People here are too dramatic. One of my submissions was also accused of being promoting violence against women. http://www.threadless.com/submission/68404 , but, it's totally false!!! Just because I made a girl with blood (that, in fact, it's not hers) in her face. And I don't think this promotes any violence. Maybe she is bleeding because she has seen a beautifull boy or has been puting her finger into her nose too much XD
People shouldn't take things so seriously. Where is your sense of humor? World is too full of bad things to take things like drawings so seriously.

Buen trabajo, niƱa ^____^ No te dejes ofender que esta gente no tiene sentido del humor


i like it....personally i wish i hadn't read everyone else's interpretations, 'cause now i dunno how i really feel....but yeah, this can be taken to be so many different things. (i especially like the "coked up" take on it)

but when i first looked at the girl smiling with a bloody nose.....i saw strength in the face of strife, perseverance, etc...

well done, i'd wear it


I think it's really beautiful. But it suggests violence to much for me to be able to wear it to school. But I'd wear it other places, yeah...


man it reminds me that like, i get bloody noses all the time..


Before everyone gets carried away condemning those of us who find this revolting, can I just point you to what Gloomy Monster said in her first comment:

"For me it\'s a happy beaten up asian girl"

That's the artist's intention - this is a picture of a girl who got beaten up. She wasn't picking her nose, she wasn't coked up, she got punched. This DOES promote violence against women and imagines women enjoying it: that's what the artist said. The bullshit about "For you it can mean anything" is meaningless. We can all imagine anything, but that doesn't mean we're right.


oh come on people, give it a fucking break. if someone really wanted to promote woman-bashing and racist sentiments, threadless is not where they would do it. it's just a design and while i may not understand or want to wear it that's my perogative as it is the artists to post it. and the comment about finding the artist and seeing how he/she looks with blood on their face is what's really appalling. let's beat everyone with a different opinion then ours. And who cares if to the artist it's a happy beaten asian girl...we don't know how the artist thought it up, we have no insight into their minds and thus can't assume their fucked up because of a tee shirt on the internet. keep on keeping on gloomy monster and don't let them get you down. anything (art, music, social change) that's worth a damn causes backlash, criticism and uproar.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

That's it, you guys are pissing me off. I'm giving this a five just 'cause I know so many of you have given it zero!

My original comments still stand, but I'd like to add that what this really makes me think of is a photo a friend's daughter Emailed me after she fell off her skateboard. It was a digital shot of beneath her chin where there was this big hunk of skin pulled away; she was bloody and BEATEN (without being BEATEN-UP -- one does not necessarily imply the other), and she had the hugest f*ckin' grin on her face, she was just so proud!

So $ 'cause I'm buyin' it for my friend's kid, and 5 'cause people are arseholes.


nice illustration - I would not wear - but nice work

Gloomy Monster

Oh wow, thanks so much for undestanding, you don't know how much do i apreciate from all of you who has given support to my idea, you made me so happy.
Lots of people see violence here, but it is inside of all of us (i'm sorry if my english is not perfect), and the ones who cant'd deal with it (not all, and not in avery case) feel that they have to avoid those images so the violence inside wont poke their brains.
That's something more complicated, and i can say that i don't have problems expresing my violence, sexuality or whatever in a healthy way ^^


Well, Gloomy obviosly hates women, and she promotes violence towards women. I am giving it a five because woman on woman violence is hot.

Grow up people, life is pain, anyone who says differently is trying to sell something. I like the art, and the triumph over shallow minded adversity.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I am now looking to see if PreemieZombie has ever done a shirt submission (sorry -- I'm a noob here), and every one he's done, and every one he does for the next eight months will get a five. Just for the "woman on woman violence is hot" bit. I disagree, but that takes balls. Balls make me laugh.


If I saw a man wearing this shirt I'd think he was a total dick.


There's like 10 Asian girls in my school I'd like to give a bloody nose.

Hahaha, 0


What the shit? This is awesome! :D
I'm so sick of seeing glazed over asian girls with curly hair that turns into birds or something on the bottom of shirts.
This rocks. And while I don't like Kill Bill, I will bring forth it's name to invoke the power of violent comedy.


the first thing this reminded me of was the Ring.


I like how you draw, it's a nice image, but honestly, what will people think if they see someone wearing a shirt like this? They're not going to go up to that person and ask them what does it mean or represent. No, they're going to assume the first thing that comes to mind.


I do agree with the, to say the least, numerous comments on the violence issue of this design. But my interpretation is this asian girl got a hold on some good blow and is pleasently fucked out of her mind. That explains the blood and the strange smile. Altogether though........All I can say is, Warped. 0.


I love the way it looks, but I wouldnt (couldnt) wear it because of how it might come across.
Still very artistic though,




I've never had a bloody nose


It's neat (but freaky) to look at... but I wouldn't wear it...




This just looks like a zombie head of indeterminate ethinicity to me. The drawing style seems kind of crude, and not in a pleasing way. I don't think I would have thought much of this if I hadn't seen the comments, but I find the artist's comments kind of disturbing, especially how she tries to claim to speak for the violence/desires of all people. That's really a disingenous way to try to universalize your viewpoint and your own, um, issues.


Subject to MISINTERPRETATION is more like it. Seems a bit misogynistic....really, what were you expecting to hear?


I know this is all up for interpretation...but I have too many friends who have been domestic violence'd to interpret this in any other way. That's what I thought of right away. It makes the smile immensely disturbing to me.

I don't even know what to score it, so I won't.

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