Bird flu

  • by Evol_won
  • posted Feb 16, 2006

A shirt in the now, for all of us watching this thing spread. H5N1 is the name of the strain of the virus that can kill humans. Im not trying to celebrate it, just make people aware...

Watch this

I can't believe the Bush administration hasn't already adopted that ominous red bird as its mascot.


not really one for the 'joy of text' comp then...


is the girl with the mask on the shirt?...i think i would like it better if she was.


when the h5n1 hits your hometown, you wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing this. (i mean uhh...yeah what i said)


I kinda dig it. Design's kinda simple tho. 3.

at it destruction

i agree with hurricane xx, the girl should definitely be on the shirt.....................

mezo profile pic Alumni

I am sorry....but did it take you 2 minutes to make this? You could have done SO MUCH MORE than type out a few letters and trace a pigeon.

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