holy crap

It looks like he's going to fall in the toilet.

Watch this
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OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

he's a bit small compared to the toilet rolls, isn't he?

Phat Phatty

not in good taste, plus it looks really weird. It looks like you cut and pasted the images, does Jesus need to be in a crucified form for the concept to work?


looks like (bad)cut and paste clip art. The angles are all wrong. and why is he going to the bathroom with his shorts on? eww.
bad puns usually don't get printed.

get a better idea and draw your own stuff.




ouch... if it were just Jesus pooping, no prob. But um, why is he on a toilet and nailed to an imaginary cross at the same time? incongruent and weak.


dang. . . . . .soooooo dumb.


Scale is off, anatomy is off, composition is off. I don't blame you for putting no effort into this; the idea isn't worth it anyway.


agree on it having feel of poorly pasted clip art or two different images merged. next time make him actually sitting? isn't THAT when we curse not looking at the roll? If he's still standing he ain't pooping.

myths gotta go # 2 as well i guess - so i take no offense.



preferred nerd

I'm not even going to be offended. This is just horrible.


That's offensive, and I'm atheist.


This might be the worst one up today...


weird perspective; too copy-and-paste to be effective. text looks misplaced.


Very poor illustration --looks like cut and paste--and in not in good taste.


i could care less about the jesus reference, ijust don't wear shirts which indicate that crapping is funny somehow.


I dont get it...


^^ That is an insult to retarded people everywhere. This is worse than retarded.


poop doesn't look like poop, but shirt looks like crap

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

I'm offended because I belong to the church of the porcelain god.


How illiberal are you? i I think jesus would have laughed about it...
But it was not my goal to offend someone...if I should have done that, it does wrong to me.
(and please excuse my bad english)


I'm all for not being all anal about religion, but you could easily get your teeth knocked out for wearing this shirt. 0


i like it because all the god fearing freaks hate it. $5
what a great place you must live in if you can get beat up for wearing this... get a life... all of you.


Do you mean that serious? Thats ridiculous...
In addition such people would do wrong to me!
Don't be papal as the Pope!!!!!!!


my last entry was for coxiesara of course


Great, now the Pope and all the Cardinals are going to riot and burn down a Quicky Mart!


i lol'ed at this. 5 because i'm an insensitive agnostic, and because that's so clearly diarrhea dripping off his feet ;x


"i like it because all the god fearing freaks hate it."

Okay for all of you saying that this is getting all the 'religious folk' upset, take a look at the comments, no one is really offended, they can all just see that this is a horrible design designed with either clip art or pre-made art and thrown together. The drawings are horrible, the angles are all wrong, and the pun is rediculous.
Trust me, I'm all about "Jesus humor" as long as it's well done. This is not. I by no means consider myself a 'design expert', but if you can't see that this is just horrible, not because of the theme, but because of the quality, then I honestly feel bad for you...


offensive... sorry. and the angles are all wrong too.


I laugh at some 'Jesus humor' but this is tastless and retarted. The torso is to long and he's just...so...whatever. It's not going to make it.

kevindujour profile pic Alumni

Why am I even looking at this in the running?


Nah. It's hard to offend me, but i am. The "Jesus Humor" is getting a little out of hand.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

constructive crits people...
I think you could have spent alittle more time on this, made the toilet roles in persepective, maybe had the pope on the john instead of that jesus, who looks like an old man at a retirement home falling off about to break his hip... sketch out 20 thumbnails and try and come up with another way of showing this idea...


that toilet paper roll looks familiar is it copied and pasted from that other Threadless tee?


im a pretty religious person, but that isnt why i dont like this
it needs to be better planned out- it looks like you just slapped stuff on here.
plan it better, make it a little more coherent, and even the religious people will buy it.


Here's the problem:

This could have been acceptable if it had been "Happy" or "Austere" Jesus on the toilet reading the sports page.

But to put "Sufferring in Agony for Our Sins" Jesus, and in full cruscafix posture, with blood running off his feet, is just cheap offensive shock value.


Tasteless indeed. You'd probably get jumped by a whole convent for wearing this.


Coincidence that someone who makes an extremely blasphemous shirt and obviously cares nothing about Jesus or what anyone else feels about him can't even do a good job of it? Even ignoring it's offensiveness, the design is a poorly done piece of garbage. Can anyone guess what score I'm giving? (hint: don't try dividing by it)


Ok...lets clear things up a bit. I'm a Christian, and I would not knock anybody's teeth out for wearing this shirt. I'm not like that, and I don't think most Christians are. I just think its a poorly made shirt, with a dumb overall idea. I don't think its what you could call blasphemy, because Jesus was human and, being human, he must have had to gasp get rid of waste somehow. But putting it on a t-shirt is a little, well, tacky.


This made me laugh out loud...but I wouldn't wear it.


You already have a lot of people saying it in different ways but I find all Jesus pun shirts to be trite and boring not worth a comment but when I saw this I couldn't not say, You're a rotten egg, Frottee.

NW Fast

aww nah.


oooh.... thats all bad

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