an existential symbol named steve.

My second official submission.

Based off a sketch I did trying to come up with a character/symbol representative of existential angst.

Existential adj. pertaining to existence.

Angst n. a feeling or outlook of dread, fear, etc.

I always love to name unusual characters common variety names (Joe, Fred, James, Steve).

Hope you guys like him.

Watch this

the pictures great, i'd buy it if it was on a different color. maybe a darker blue or something...

Quag profile pic Alumni

I don't see a picture, but for the benefit of the doubt i'll give you a 5.


Yes, I see nothing.


blank... like my reaction


I dont see anything either =|


Everybody needs to download flash version 8. It's free, even.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

I agree, i have gotten this complaint too, update everyone!
As for the sub... i cant be sure, but i think a threadless staffy has slipped up, that or they just figured you could resize... i dont think this will fit on a 13x13 screen. I like it though


negative points for making me download a new program to view your submission

Terry Citizen

Sorry guys, my first time submitting a .swf, instead of a .gif. I used the Threadless template and everything, didn't consider there would be problems with trying to view it with older versions of Flash player.

Sorry again. Hopefully you guys can look past that mistake and judge the design by the design and not by any inconvience I may have cause you all.

If you can't be buggered downloading the newer version of Flash player, you can view a slightly earlier version of the design here:


Work on his string a little bit, it looks too angular at the bottom, which bugs me.

Otherwise, it's really cute. Put it on dark blue or pacific.


I love it! Maybe on a color other than white, but I'd definitely buy it. $5


Love the design...I'd buy it if it were on another navy or even black.


I like the design alot. I disagree about changing the background color though. The white seems a bit more in keeping with the existential theme as opposed to outright blackness.

Or at least, it makes it stand out as a bit more than 'another angst' shirt. Dunno about the light blue though. Perhaps a darker hue?

I'd buy it though.


I dig it, dude. Keep the white (or if you must do a color, I say a very lightl gr(a)(e)y)



im in an existential english clas... im actually writing a paper on kafka right now

wouldnt wear it.. but funny



this design rocks my socks. I might just buy one to frame on my wall. however, i too think the end of the string needs just a /little/ work. it still gets a $5.


i still can't see it.
i couldn't see the other on either.


existential angst?

lord. here i thought all the stuck-up english majors were no good at drawing purty pictures. hehe. kiddin'.

good design, but lose the meaning and call a spade a spade.

Terry Citizen

I'm actually a stuck-up graphic design student, not an english major ;)


Are those nails on the ground?
Sort of cute, but mostly sad.


i effing love this. am i the only one who sees the tacks on the bottom?


Angst? He is flying high above his enemies? He is a winner!

Joan Burroughs

Times running out for poor Steve. He's already starting to droop a bit. Every second brings him closer to his inevitable destruction. Another bit of garbage in the landfill. All for nothing.

I'd like it better on dark grey though.


oh i love this so much, im glad i can finally see it...$5


Steve's so wistful. Full of wist I say!

I like what this looks like but the color of the shirt should be a different color, but still like. like ash or natural or something. $4


Ha! I'm not sure I'd buy it, if only 'cause the area I'm in doesn't lend itself well to white shirts. But the design's pretty shibby in itself, and the title puts it over the top. 5!


horrible choice of color

nice design.

Spoon Wrangler

I installed flash player 8, but I still can't see this. Which makes me unimaginably sad.

Terry Citizen

Sorry Spoon Wrangler, I don't what's up with it :(


Had to go to your profile to see it. Like the balloon, but the little pluses looked a little awkward to me.

embrace your poison

-laughs- At first I was like...ehhh? what on earth...but then I zoomed in and I got it! Wow, bloody brilliant. ^___^;


There are tacks at the bottom, the balloon is depressed, he is floating towards the tacks.

Maybe that ought to clear things up for the people who don't "see" the picture.

I like it.

$ 5


Terry Citizen

Thanx to all for your votes and kind words.
2.15 is not bad at all for my second submission :) Cheers


with the big words and all again terry. Rather hip, market it at castle towers, you'll make a mint

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