pope vader

  • by mrooke
  • posted Feb 14, 2006

Holy shit!

Watch this

I'll buy it!!! $5


this shirt is...amazing. $5


I love the idea, but the Pope's face..... isn't quite right.

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

with that expression, it looks like darth is sticking something into his holy hole.


as a catholic i must point out... that the new pope looks like the emperor not lord vader.


clever design, but the pope's face reminds me of those stupid Steve Oedekerk movies where all the characters are thumbs.


I'd love it if you made the face more realistic


the concept is awesome but put a bit more detail in there

Dark Visions

as stated numerous time before, I too think that a more realistic pope would make for a much better shirt. Solid idea though!


john, you so rarely fail to make me laugh out loud.
the pope looks like a lego-pope to me.




like...a playmobil pope aqnd it makes me giggle.
cheers to you

Kurticus Maximus

Did you have to make the crucifix upside down?

I mean, I'm Catholic and a huge supporter of the current pope, but this would be a pretty funny shirt otherwise. Also, the Pope is drawn really, really badly.


Yeah, I'm gonna go with the above comments and say make the pope look better.

An excellent idea, though.


ugh i got so excited as i scrolled down but then as soon as i got to the popes face i got so upset that i punched a baby

but seriously, the idea is amazing but the pope..is drawn...really really badly.

i want to see another go at this like...pronto.


Theres too many Star Wars themed shirts around.


I designed my pope voluntarily in a kinda South Park style cause I thought that a too much realistic pope may hurt catholic people. In a first try I put crosses on the ends of his scarf but I thought it was not necessary.
But...it seems my pope is drawn so badly I'll try to make it better.


Necas de Pitibiribas

hahahaha like it so much!
The new pope is so psyco like Darth Vader..
cocobanana?Are you brazilian?!


kinda looks like he should be on South Park. but i dig it. and i agree.


the idea is cute but I think the crucifix should be right side up.

Kurticus Maximus

It's nice that you wanted to avoid being too offensive to us Catholic, but this isn't exactly an image that nobody has thought of yet- which is to say, a more detailed face wouldn't have hurt. The upside-down crucifix is far worse than making the pope actually look like the Pope.


yay darth vader + pope = $5


yeah dude does the pope really have a staff like that? i'm too lazy to research it, and i know that if he does it'd have to be oriented that way for the shadow to come out right, but does his staff have to have that there?

Quag profile pic Alumni

Far too large on the shirt, plus threadless has pretty much stated they arn't printing anything with star wars in it.

See: ATAT BooBoo



that's freakin' hilarious.


It almost looks like vegie tales gone bad, the pope could very well be a cucumber in this design, cool idea though


the new pope looks more like darth sidious


I am sorry I have difficulties to understand all what you say because english is not my language. I know there's no chance to win a prize n see that thing on a T.
I am myself a catholic n please don't see something bad in that.
Thnx u all.


i don't think i'd ever actually buy this one, but very clever! totally made me laugh! .. very lego man-like too


Hilarious. 5.


i thought he looked more like the sith lord :|


I like the concept, but the Pope should maybe be drawn better?
And really he isn't Darth Vader, he's /totally/ the Sith Lord.
But I still ike what you were trying to do.


that's hilarious, but all the other comments are right...the pope needs to be more realistic.


I really hate to be a damper..but I just don't find this that funny. I mean, I suppose it's because was raised Catholic, or whatever, but I love Catholic Jokes and poking fun of religion. I guess my issue is that it seems to be saying that the pope is the essence of evil? I just don't find that humorous, or even accurate.

All of this aside, asthetically, it would be better with a realistic pope, and fixing up that staff he has. The Pope definetly has a staff, so you might as well get it right.

Good Luck.


haha the expression on his face kills me


I like the idea, but the pope needs to be better drawn and I am not a huge fan of the crucifix being dragged upside down on the ground. Otherwise, very funny.


iam glad you dindt put a floor it would be disrespect if you did lol, i dont like how the cross is upside down cuz iam catholic but iam pretty sure this would hit big in iraq and other muslim populated countries, i really like it its funny just make the pope more realistic and with that hat he once war like darth vaders mask and baggy purple eyes like Pope benedict, good job

pink eye

Yeah there are staffs like that in Catholic services, but they would never ever ever be oriented that way - so I think because of that the image is much less amusing. It's not as if that shadow would ever happen - if it ever did that would be hilarious.


i agree with the comments on fixing his face but absolutely LOVE everything else about it. (including the upside down crucifix)


I love love love the idea. And I'm Catholic, too. Just turn the cross back right side up, and I'd buy it


how do you guys see sith lord? The sith lord's hook is attatched to his robe, so there wouldn't be a space there.

Gloomy Monster

Damn it! XD i love this, ilove u hohoho lol


awesome design, but ditto on fixing his face


Nice concept. but the art used is a bit too south parkish

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