Like A Horse.

Idea that popped into my head this morning and i thought it would look fun. So it does appear its hung ... [see title]

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at first i thought you were just hanging a horse... but i get it... very deceiving though


^^ agreed.

I get it, but the idea of a dead horse is a little too depressing for me to wear.

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Why does it seem like there are so many death-related shirts lately?

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you could have had him hanging from his feet or something so it didnt look like you were hanging the horse rather than using the big penis joke. Also, it looks like you just traced a jumping horse. Im not accussing you im just saying, it doesnt look like gravity has taken over.


You're an excellent designer, but the image of a hanging horse upsets me.



this is terrible and should not even be shown
i think it represents animal crulty
with should not be taken lightly
what if someone had a shirt on with a baby and a nuse around its neck
noone would be laughing


it's a t-shirt
honestly people grow up
i like the idea but like Ellsswhere said, maybe it would be better if you had it hanging by its feet.


funny, agreed that maybe haning it by the legs would be more peta friendly.
however, to the people who didn't like this, have some humor about it. not everything has so be so analytical!




i LOVE the idea of the shirt.

but it looks alot like the horse is jumping,
like elsswhere,
&i think the joke would be more understood uf the horse was hung by its feet

great idea though =]


Re: Mandylopez03's comment: I feel sorry for the poor man who's hung like a baby.


the ideas great
but the picture is too sad to remember the idea :/


Ok just so everybody knows - hanging a horse by its feet would not be better - horses have fairly weak leg bones and the legs it was hanging from would probably break and the poor horse would be hanging there with broken legs AND NOT DIE. The reason why things get hung at the neck is because it kills them.

that said, im not a big fan of penis jokes


Yes, hung by the feet - and chill out, whylime, I don't think theovendotnet is going to run out and do this to an actual horse.


thats soo sad because i LOVE horses. buts its a clever idea. not many people would get it a first though.

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" mandylopez03, at 1:30pm on Feb 17, 2006
this is terrible and should not even be shown
i think it represents animal crulty
with should not be taken lightly
what if someone had a shirt on with a baby and a nuse around its neck
noone would be laughing"

I'd be laughing, at least if it was drawn in a funny way


"this is terrible and should not even be shown
i think it represents animal crulty
with should not be taken lightly
what if someone had a shirt on with a baby and a nuse around its neck
noone would be laughing"

a little too critical from someone who: (a) can't manage to spell, punctuate, or use words correctly and (b) can't manage to score shirts higher than 0.28




Dumb idea and even worse execution!


i like your graphic style!


wow most everyone is quite ridiculous hah. maybe you should put a warning/precaution on the tshirt reading "No actual horses were harmed in the making of this tshirt" so that people will relax! haha i like it, maybe hang from legs though, or maybe even more fun like a Marianette puppet. then maybe people would chill hah. its funny though


quite terrible, sorry


i like the marianette puppet idea - i may try that one - thanks laurzbo.


is it meant to have its back feet on the ground? If back feet aren't on the ground then the angle of the horse is wrong. In the end it looks more like a traced drawing of a horse leaping.

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mmm, no and no sorry.

nicely illustrated though . . .


Lame penis joke, bad execution (pardon the pun)


Oh grow's just a shirt.


No doubt you can draw, but the concept is depressing.


I think it's a funny concept, but people who would pass by you and look at your shirt would just think you're a horse killer. They wouldn't be like "Oh how funny, a penis joke"


Why does the horse have a bridle and leg wraps on?
Considering he has no rider, and you don't put the bridle or the wraps on without the saddle....something isn't right

I ride, so yeah, I know what I'm talking about.

&&Why is he jumping with a noose around his neck?

Just some thoughts.
I laughed at the idea though.


a bad illustration of a cheesy idea.


poorly illustrated too


God, people, there is nothing "cruel" about an illustration. This is not real life. Unless...theovendotnet, did you actually hang a horse so you could have a model for your drawing? You should be ashamed of yourself!




I think it is funny but I wouldnt wear it because people might get the wrong idea and Im an animal lover.


Nobody should be laughing, I read up there somewhere.

Yet I am... Hahaha... Animal cruelty is funny when it's not real.


I think that it's better that the horse looks like it is in actual motion rather then being hanged by the rope limp..then it will realy look like animal cruelty played a part in the making of the t-shirt design and I don't see why everyone is getting all bent out of shape about the animal cruetly isses of the shirt I mean please its just a shirt no need to think to much into it.

I personaly found the consept rather funny!


i didnt get it until reading the posts. hang it from its feet, and it would be funnier. but i still wouldnt buy it.


heh.... I woulda liked it better if the horse WASN'T hanging...instead it was running off with the noose trailing in the dirt or something...cus a hung horse is too sad.

Really well drawn though


Well since everyone else is over-analyzing:
Who says someone was out to intentionally hang the horse? Everyone thinks it looks like it's jumping, and I agree, but perhaps the horse jumped and became caught in the noose. Thusly hanging him. Beyond that, I like the shirt. And perhaps it's just me but I see some subtle things in there that I like.


NOOO!! I understand the joke, but no shirt that shows a horse with a noose on is good in my book. Bad taste.


...maybe if the horse was a little more cartoonish, or at least not trying to look real...and maybe if "hung" differently, like maybe on a coat hanger or something a little less upsetting than a noose.


i think you can't have t hanging by a leg bcause it sort pf skorts round the whole play on 'hung'-a cop-out shirt.
I am a horse lover and own a horse but actually think this is very funny and clever, not offensive

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