Acceptance Is Good

Do you think he might be able to produce chocolate milk? :P

Watch this
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Racist blah blah blah

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i'm trying to decide which is more racist
this, or the chocolate milk one?

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But brown cows can dance so much better.


What is racist about this? So, any drawing showing different races mixing is now racist? I'd say calling this shirt racist is racist. Lets move all the brown cows to the back of the bus! No mixing of browns and whites! Keep your peanut butter out of my chocolate. Give me a break, people. Relax. Great shirt. $5 I'd buy it just to spite these racist morons.


The design is very poorly developed. It's difficult to differentiate between them.


ok the DESIGN isnt racist, but the title is, the title is just LAME


i like it. zombi is right. she can eat my brains any day.


Yeah please change the title.


Change the title, then it's a nice shirt.


ok, everyone, im sry if i affended anyone. i wasnt being racist with this design, i didnt even noticed that it seemed a bit until a couple days ago. i know the title may seem alittle raceist, and if i could change that, i would, i dont know if threadless would let me.

If anyone could come up with a good title, please tell me and i will ask threadless to change it if they can


Their expressions kick some major ass. Their dot eyes slay me. Slay me with humor. It's an idiom. Expression.

Not that I think you, the person receiving this comment, doesn't understand. It just looks like there's a few people around here who are so dumb they'll jump at any opportunity to make a criticism, even if their criticism is in line with the point of the shirt.


how now brown cow?
he is very good.
just like this shirt.

wendy lady

haha. very nice. i like the green.


I love this. Perhaps because I love cows. I would buy this in a heartbeat. And the shirt color is perfect. $5


i got the name changed everyone, so now it doesnt sound so racist


Cute cows, not terribly shirtworthy.


i like it, but the cows' heads seem a little off to me. otherwise, i would totally buy it...but i love anything with cows on it. especially a brown's like, the cow version of me.


hahahahahahahahahaha. Fucking great!


look i'm black and i don't find the title nor the shirt racist. just let it go. you don't like the shirt don't buy it.

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How now brown cow, haha!

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Obviously this shirt does NOT have any racist intentions! So let it go as Amani says! It's nice!


thank you Amani and Stingerstyler


if he is so accepted, why is he on the end and not in the middle of the caucasian cows?


noneltheless, i like the design, and again, as a black person i dont find this offensive at all. $4


I think the cows lips could be fuller and the white cows could have maybe redder necks


awesome like always.


thanks alexis

why do the cows need red necks, ACANTHUS?


they're cows.
it's not racist. it's not like he threw in an ape or something. gosh.
everyone's looking for something to bitch at.
i like it.


Oh god damn. You're so racist for wanting people to accept people/cows of different colors. WHAT IS RACIST ABOUT ACCEPTANCE?!? Everything is fucking racist these days. Morons


..i'd like it better if the brown cow was in the middle.
Otherwise - I like it- its quirky and cute...

and what IS racist about acceptance? 0__O


Yeah really, how is "acceptance is good" a racists title? Gimmie a break people. Someone shows why acceptance is a good thing and you run with calling it racists?! Seraph is right about putting the brown cow in the middle, but other than that it looks great. I like the green background...but really I just love the cow eating the grass - she looks so happy munching down. In fact, is it just me, or is she smiling? I think someone's liking the brown cow ;P


id buy it!!!5555555555555555555555555++++++++++++


gosh take out the brown cow and this design would be
nice job 5$

Evil Doodle

WTF? what is up with people? This shirt is not racist at all. If anything, it's anti-racism.
Geeeez, mellow people.
It's cute, I wouldn't wear it. The quality could be kicked up a little.
I won't shoot it down.


Thanks, Evil Doodle.
Took the words RIGHT out of my mouth.
You're a bunch of morons.


i think they changed the title...
anyone know what it used to be?
anyway, great shirt and concept
very cute, id buy it

kayne draven

hey bryce nice one you've pissed off more people with one shirt then i have in one year, but i dont think it is racist.

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