Angelina Jolie

  • by gstein
  • posted Feb 10, 2006

My very first t-shirt design. Hope you all like it.

Watch this

Brad is gonna get jealous!


i have so many different rants i could start on about this , but to keep it nice an simple, i'll just say that i wouldn't buy it.


i'll give it a 3 only because i have a really big crush on her.

biticol profile pic Alumni

Don't like to see faces on designs, the style is not my favourite and the color neither but ANGELINA is so perfect, well done also... people will kill me but...a 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I liked Angelina better when she was open about her personal life. Now she's a scheming whore on a t-shirt.


Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

it's really nicely done, I like the colours but I think you need to use a non-celebrity face...


famous people are so uninteresting


She Says So

shes beautiful.

but on a t-shirt?



we totally dont need something else representing her.


well this has been helpful critisism. i guess i know better nex time not to use anyone famous.


ehh.. no thanks. if i wanted a shirt with her on it, i'd go to that airbrush booth in the mall.

the style is nice, just try for something more original.


I absolutely adore the style, just not with a famous face.

starr226 profile pic Alumni

hey, you know would be awesome if someone made a shirt with an overrated, terribly temporary celebrity! oh. well, at least one was submitted.


Nice style and use of colors, but only the Angelina Jolie fans would wear this. Next time stick to a theme everybody can connect with and enjoy and you'll do much better.


Awesome but, despite how fiendishly foxy Angelina may be, it'd still be too weird to wear her on my right breast.

Maybe that's just me.

Ava Adore

yeah, do it with a non celeb


She's so over done. She can get bent


ok sorry about the celeb part though. jeez i think i get it now. to be honest i wasn't even thinking about who angelina was, and i'm not even a fan. i was experimenting in illustrator and this wasn't even originally a t-shirt design.

< >

again sorry about the putting angelina a t-shirt. please forgive me.


Love the style, but don't wear clothes with celeb faces... 3 for your talent


i sort of dig the celeb part--- taking angelina out of context and just making her face into a design takes away the whole untouchableness of celebrity stupidity. and i like that you said you weren't thinking about who she was when you made the t-shirt: that's exactly the idea i'm getting at.


i love itttttt and totally would buy this!

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