Popcorn Gun Man

I like popcorn, especially when fired from a gun.

Watch this

Well, at least you anen't taking credit for it (SA forums).

That said, I want this shirt like no other. 5$$$


"Well, at least you anen't taking credit for it (SA forums)."

^ What does that mean?

doo doo boy

this is great- kinda reminds me of a weird japanese shirt. anyways, would you please hold out your hand? 'cause I WANNA GIVE YOU FIVE!


Lurker checking in to say you have an awesome singing voice johnny. Since U Been Gone is still hilarious. Shirt is cool too.


Cool character, but the text doesn't seem to fit, at least in my opinion..


How retro and graphic. it amuses me so.


holy crap I love it. did you really draw that? that's nice. I wish I could draw.

ps, I like the text


SA = Somethingawful.com

It was an image posted on the forum a few days ago.

As much as I'd love a t-shirt with a happy cowboy popcorn bag thing, Johnnysmitch didn't make it.


soulie - it's a tribute to some swell engrish products that someone was talking about on a forum (somethingawful.com). I was the first to make a clean/vector version.
I didn't invent the character, I just made a shirt design as a tribute to the swell little guy. I didn't steal anybody's picture for it - I drew it myself.


this really grew on me and so i kept looking at it and finally decided to give you a 5. its really got a good style and good in just about everything. congrats.


I love popcorn yes I do and everyone in my family does too! I would so buy this in a second! It reminds me of the 'let's go out to the movies' song and dancing candy, soda and popcorn that they used to play before movies, which have been replaced with commercials, ARGH!


i like it, just not on yellow.


Even though I hate popcorn this is rather cute. Good job.


My old blind eyes cannot see what the text sees. Help a sister out.


"popcorn gun man
some wonders lurk in this stuff.
eat popcorn! everybody!!"

i despise popcorn. (unless it's kettle corn.) but this is so gosh darned cute.


not quite engrish enough for me...XD but I like it


Dude, this is totally Engrish-y. I love it and I love popcorn.
If only I didn't look terrible in pastel yellow...


No the yellow is the best part! I love it. Very retro feel and nice design.


I hate popcorn after working at a movie theatre for ages, but I'd buy that shirt


Yeahhh.. I have the actual popcorn bags that this graphic was printed on. From a crazy Asian dollar store!

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