Do you wanna come over and....

  • by Anthoneyb
  • posted Feb 07, 2006

Before you all run to your computers and spend an hour decoding what he is asking it is..."Do you wanna come over and screw?" It will be our little secret.

Watch this

I don't think I would wear a shirt that's PRO-sexual harassment (even if it is in code).

as far as the design is concerned...I think the line work may be to thin to read well - it looks like the girl has a mustache. 0 from me.


im in love with this shirt. although im more a fan of webdings... cooler pictures.


Like the idea and speach bubbles, but i'm not too keen on the drawings of the people.


Lose the "practice safe sexual harassment". That's never cool. I would like just the speech bubbles and a much better drawing. Funny idea, but the execution needs a lot of work IMO.


why is dingbat pluralized? isn't that like saying " i don't speak chineses"?


It'd be funnier if you used windings. It's a more common font.


Wooohoooo! Sexual harrassment rules! So does molestation! So does rape!

Sarcasm is fun!


I like the idea...just don't like the way the people are drawn.


it could be better without the sexual harrassment sentence on the bottom.


would definitely love this shirt if it wasn't for the sexual harrassment line. less could certainly be more!


I'm with Little Man on this one.


yeah, the line "Sorry, I don't speak dingbats" is absolute gold in its surrealism, but sexual harassment just isn't much fun at all.


submit again without the sexual harrassment thing on the bottom, better drawings and more color choice and then i'll buy.
for now, i give it a 0


Sombody should do like a "gonzo" art style shirt. if you dont know what gonzo is, look it up on google.


by gonzo you mean the muppit right?... I thought so


Thanks to everyone for the words. I just want to say that the idea of sexual harrasment made funny was being sarcastic. I mean, I ran the idea to alot of people I work with and they all cracked up at it. I guess the delivery was a little off. The was my first submission and I more or less did it to get started. I have been a member for so long but couldn't get over that hump of submitting something. So I THREW this together and started with my next submission. I don't want you all to think I condone sexual harasment in anyway. No. Thus is why if you are the asshole that does it in dingbats! Thanks everyone.


I like the thought of just the dingbat type on the shirt...most people will ask you what it says. You could wear to work, and not get in trouble....unnntilllll ha ha until THAT ONE guy that has memorized dingbat knows what it says and tells on you. :)

The Philosopher

it should be just "dingbat" as other ppl have mentioned.
What is wrong with the ppls teeth?
And idk, nice thought i guess, but needs better execution.


I'd love it without the "Practice safe sexual harassment."


great idea... but the people look a bit weird to me.


great idea - poor execution


I love it, though I think it'd be perfect without the text at the bottom. great idea!


I love the concept, but the drawing are a bit yuck.


i agree with millhaven, without the text it allows people to draw thier own conclusions, rather then being beaten with the "sexual harrassment" bit


1] not dingbat(s?!). WINGDINGS!
2] not the sexual harrassments line.
3] what they said.


groundcontrol said "girls with mustache are hot" _ i agree, but not this 1!!!2 4the idea


it doesnt need the sexual harrassment line,
but although webdings is a cooler font you have to use dingbats because the word is funnier.
awesome idea though!
4 for now


funny idea, but i don't think the lines would look very good printed D:


too thin, and lost the text on the bottom.


HAHAH; im in love with this shirt.
there would be 2 things i would change:
1. wingdings not dingbats.
2.the color scheme.

maybe something a little lighter. not bright yellow but not navy blue either. I still love the idea. 5&$!


Alright everyone. I really thank you all for the comments. I will be headed to the drawing board with this one to do what I can to punch it up. Keep an eye out for it. It will be up soon. Cheers.

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