Land of Liberty

I designed this after watching "Bowling for Columbine" The doco film by Michael Moore. I don't agree with some of his views but I agree that guns kill people and the the US has the most gun-related murders in the world.

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Guns don't kill people, death does.



Yeah, I don't like the cutoff at the bottom. :[


this is a lot like the submission i did and am going to redo. oh well


really? i had no idea that guns killed people. i mean ive seen people use guns to kill other people. but ive never just seen a gun just go out & kill someone.


That's really nice. This is TNT for politics. And hey you guys open your eyes: thanks to guns america is there were it is today - just stop joking about it and start thinking! props to skeemey and plans


If it was up to me, the statue of liberty WOULD have M16 in it's hand instead of that sissy torch. Lets all the other countries know who's boss. So, congrats on making a cool pro-gun statement.


hasent this been done before (i mean liberty with a gun)???


the statue was a present of french guys - as a symbol of liberty and unifications for those who have been suffering under repression and, and , and , bla bla - most of you dnon't know nothing about history so go on playing god. you will see...
I don't want to change the world bcause i can't but TOK you're an asshole.

Phat Phatty

go to google put in' french military victories' and then hit the "I'm feeling lucky button"

Phat Phatty

what's with the paint drips ... they look out of place


I did the google thing on "french military victories"
with the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

Absolutely hilarious !


Although Skeemey Mc Skeem was trying
to communicate something about gun
violence in America it doesn't seem
that this design accomplished that.

It appears to be a message about
America's military. And I'm in love
with that woman holding the loaded
automatic weapon. What a beautiful
image of how our nation has kept
its freedom alive. The drips seem to
be the only part of the design that
hint at a negative attitude toward
our nation's military.

It is the VETERAN, not the preacher,
who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the VETERAN, not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the VETERAN, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to assemble.

It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the VETERAN, not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.

What a wonderful land of liberty
we Americans live in. Keep that
freedom button hot, soldiers !




ok ok I take that back BUT you're as fantic as those who YOU (as a veteran-soldiers-wannabe philosopher) are trying to EXTERMINATE. Bastards. It's not a veteran who made possible the "rise" of your nation it's the machine behind ( economie) - making war to finance your way of life.
You're too fanatic, take a look around see more thanYOUR interests - that's all I have to say.


sheesh, can we talk about the shirt, please?


woah dude, america went to war to defend our way of life, not finance it. if you didnt know already america has enough fuel stores to supply everyone in america for fifteen years. wich is five more years than we need.

but i understant why you might be pissed off.... sort of..

anyways i think its a sweet shirt. and i laughedt reading all your funny comments. ....... i love you guys.


thank you for taking that back, redstar.
How about the bastards comment too?


all this from a silly shirt... it's not that big of a deal in the scheme of things... personally, i wouldn't wear the shirt, but i know tons of people who would.

i just don't see the point of arguing about war on threadless.... you're not solving anything by commenting how awful war is or how it granted us our freedom or how you love bush or how you hate him... you're not going to convince anyone of anything over a message board, so... chill... just chill.... enjoy the shirts... or don't enjoy them... but don't argue politics on a message board... it doesn't accomplish anything and it seems to get you all riled up...

anyway... i wouldn't wear it, but like i said, i'd buy prints of it for my friends....


Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

Yaknow what kills people... taking an image and pasting it on a tshirt after filtering it... "hey should i use my talent and finish the image or end it with this crapy crop line cus thats the way the image i got off google came?" "maybe ill just put these drips here and no one will notice!"


Skeemey Mc Skeem

Hey Elsswhere I spent probably an hour tracing this in illustrator, yes, I did get this image off google, but I DID PUT EFFORT INTO THIS AND I DID FREEHAND-DRAW THE GUN, for your information. Plus I actually cut it out as a stencil because I graf. Have you tried cutting something like this out before? Fuckin' think before you assume, Ive seen your shit and it aint the best, I can take criticism but you when too far with that fitering bullshit. EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE.

TO EVERYONE ELSE WHO COMMENTED ABOUT THE DRIPS: I know most people dont like drips, like ive seen commented on other subs, but the drips are there to show its a piece od stencil graffiti.

EVERYONE WHO LIKED THE SHIRT: Thanks, Its not to the caliber of most of the winning tees, but its my first and the fact that some like it, is a boost of confidence...



Skeemey Mc Skeem


It's the stencil sprayed on canvas. Enjoy!


hey... if you don't like the country, just wait a few more years.

then bush will be gone and there'll be someone else to complain about.

MissGilly profile pic Alumni

Mac first sub up for voting! congratulations mate!
very niiice colour choice, nice vectoring (tafe has taught us well lol) and i like the drips - but it is something that has been done time and time again on threadless. youre new though, so go easy on him! it takes a while to know what people have seen enough of.
a heads up - squids and skulls have been done to death! hehe
you've got the skills matey - once you come up with some awesome idea that the likes of threadless hasnt seen before - youre a definite print.


Great looking stencil on your profile page !


If people didn't have guns to kill other people with, they would find other means to do so, trust me.
Is that an AK-47 or an M4A1? The barrel and hand guard are M4 parts, but the rest of the weapon is an Ak47 :0

Skeemey Mc Skeem

its a gun made out of spare parts of other guns... hahha,

nah, I got a side-view picture of a gun and sketched it so it would be in the same angle as the statue scanned it, then traced it into Illustrator, so if its not perfect, you have my apologies... didnt think any gun fanatics were going to see this... ^^


The drips aren't needed. I like the design; I've seen a lot of Statue of Liberty parody designs floating around, but this one is pretty solid.


I can see how people saying what they think would upset you. Different world views are often troubling to those who, for whatever reasons, are intolerant. So, in the sprit of kindness, I'll forgive you the "asshole" comment. You sir, do not know me, and 37 words can hardly tell you who I am. You did make an excelent example out of your self.

For what it's worth I think the design is fine, minus the drips. Us "gun fanatics" are simply every where. Where your friends, your nebighors, parents, teachers, engieers, etc. You might be next to one of us right now. 2 years ago, we all learned how to use the internet with our giant ape like hands and now search it for just these events. We are evolving. You might almost call us "human".

I bid you both good day!


mmm i don't like politics on design sites. makes everyone mad. soooo that's whyI'm just gonna say 5 . i like the design. ok good.


proud member of the NRA

damn, there goes the politics

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

everyone just ranted about their political view about this shirt...this kinda of stuff gets ppl riled up for nothing...and i hate the band wagon affect. 2

Skeemey Mc Skeem

I shoud've left the drips out!!!!


Thanx for all the constructive criticism, and as long as everyone's debating instead of fighting (because of my design), i'm cool with it.

MissGilly profile pic Alumni

but what dont you like about it? ever heard of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism


I am fond of the design but I might add in some clever text for those who dont grasp the subtle political concept.

or as I would say it in real life "DATS DUH SHIT!!!"


guns dont kill people, chuck norris does :)

Skeemey Mc Skeem

Uglywednesday, would it be too much to tell me how I could improve the design, or does it hurt to think of more than 4 words at a time? Don't think too hard, dear, there's blood dripping out of your ears...


Its already been done ( and better may I add.

Not only that but its message is ambiguious. As shown here, some people see it as a message of "America...fuck yeah!" whereas others see it as "america, what asshats. Liberty my ass."

And remove the drips.


Not bad for a first, keep it up buddy! Don't take criticizim to heart man, When people have good criticizim they say it in a constructive way, when its put on like the way that guy did, well then he really isn't good artist. Being an artist for the past 12 years, i've learned alot, I studied at Sheridan College, and Now i'm a 2nd year Graphic Designer, so i know my stuff. and breaking down your piece your concept is very thought out , but it's a generic concept. ( try and think beyond that concept, develop it further). Maybe a full image of the statue would've been a better approach to help illustrate the dripping or maybe more drips or splattering marks that spray cans leave when you spray them, and you probably wouldn't have that straight cut off if it were graffite. Anyways good concept keep up the work man, And not everyone will like it, so ignore the bullshit from ppl,


guns don't kill people, people kill people.
still a very cool idea though.


Great! The cut-off on the bottom is bad, but anyways - great idea!


people say that "guns dont kill people, people kill people"

but it wouldnt be very affective if we just stood out in the street and shouted "bang" haha sorry i find that funny even though it is unrelated.

but the blunt cutoff is brutal

Kurticus Maximus

why all the political messages on threadless?

if I wanted a political shirt, there are plenty online that are better than this. I come here for good designs, not political cliches.


i love guns. i have been shot. i still love guns. take guns from the hands of the just and they are left in the hands of the criminals.

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