Swiss connection and music connection combined to make the ultimate to-go pocket music (now with pick!)

Watch this

it's a cool idea, but they already have the "French Army Knife" tee


Yeh, i agree, its basically the same concept... which is possibly why you've called it Remix?

classic 1

this one is better then the french one!!!!


i like it but i sorta wish it could be coming out of somthing other than a swiss army knife. but i cant think of anything better so GOOD JOB.


this idea has already been done...


the only thing that bugs me is that the trumpet and sax are unplayable, and the scissors are unusable, part of the handle should be connected, not the blade


Agreed with above^^ But there is a sax, so you get a 4 for that much. lol


I really really like the idea but can you come up with something besides a swiss army knife?


show me the idea that has already been done... because every idea has already been done... right? (its not constructive to just say that it has been done already)

also... the sax and trumpet are playable, its like the tweezers on a swiss army knife... they come out... revealing their full capabilities.


I have just veiwed the French Army Knife T... it is not the same concept. This is music, that is wine. It is called remix because the concept of a army knife with musical instruments is a "remix".


i think its pretty cool. i havent seen the french one though..


Yeah, the French army knife should just about preclude the printing of this design.


ouch... but i guess you could be right, good thing i know t-shirt printers.


This already won a while ago.. DONT think theyll choose it again sorry.


it could come out of an Allen Wrench or a ... one of those tools that ends in "____man" but I cant think of it right now. I like this better than the french swiss army knife, but people who know the catalogue won't let it be printed without like... saying a million times that theres already a red oval in another t-shirt so it cant be printed. im giving you a $5 anyway


well i think its awesome that some of you like it and thanks for the comments...

I also appreciate the response from people who can't even tell the two apart...
thats totally awesome.


Um. Yeah, people, really now. Telling them it's already been done, just because it's a Swiss army knife? Oh, gee, guess you better cross out the trees, water, any animal, as well as anything else found on planet earth.

Similar image- if you STRETCH, completely different concept.



nice concept, could use a little work but still cool.


i love it apart from the fact that the swiss army knife logo thing is not perfectly squared off.


it's pretty cool but i think it needs more variety


oops i sent it with my sister's account ^ ^ ^


i love it.
i know its been done, i am guessing thats why its called "remix"
it has a saxophone and a guitar. so i give it a 5


its called a Leatherman! that took me a while to think it up, but yeah, thats what it was called. insert in the space above.


it's a good idea, but why have the hair pick and scissors? do scissors have that much to do with music?


too cliche.


scissors have a lot to do with editing.

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