Museum of Unnatural History

  • by batter
  • posted Feb 03, 2006

(inspired by a recent museum trip)

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The Lizard Queen

I like the idea. Too bad it seems to have a Stegosaurus torso, I would imagine a dragon having a more slender body to be able to fly.


I would like this in black shirt and white design.. that would be awsome. $5


I'd like it sans outline. Outlines kill.


the one wing thing is really fucking with me


obviously they didn't find the other wing at the archaeological dig.


it should have more neck bones, and a curve to its neck. And the stego body is definetly too "heavy" feeling for a dragon. I like the concept tho.


it needs another wing. i loove the concept and i'd definitely buy it on anything (but yellow) if it were printed + a wing.



love the concept, but a few things are bugging me:

-only one wing
-back legs are WAY too thick and heavy for something that flies - try making the bones longer and thinner, and add more of a bend to the back leg - like a crouching position
-cervical verts (neck) look weird - although bird/ reptile/ dino isn't my forte -it hink it's the size, usually cervical are smallest, then thoracic, and lumbar are largest, and for animals with a tail they then taper off - try making the neck verts smaller and add spinous process (projection) to the back (top)
-i agree with the comment to make the neck longer and add a curve, and maybe extend and curve the tail as well so that it isn't as thick and short



hey guys, thanks for all the comments. i'll make the changes and resubmit this later in the week updated. i appreciate them. except for people who said its a stegasaurus body -- that's just ignorant. if i do black, should i keep the people on it?


hey i like this tee and about the stegasaurous body thingy.. who honestly cares? i dont mind its a good design and i think you should have it ona black tee and the people whit..great tee i wanna buy =] <3.


i really like the people looking at it, but the adults feet are a little funky and the lines don't look smooth. this looks great now, and i'm sure with the changes it'll look even better $4


everything rudra said is what i was gonna suggest, so hop on those fixes and i'll buy


who would have known that t-shirt website would be the place to go for the "accurate" anatomy of mythical animals? i like the design.

Doc Gratis

I just realized what bothers me about the cervical (neck) bones..
They are BACKWARD. The pointy part should be up not down...

Before people say well its a fake animal, it is incosistent. Look at the back.. It looks strange..
(less important, the process on the bones should get larger as it approaches the skull.. Flip it vertially and horzontally, and it will look 100% better)


i'll wait for the resubmission to score this. Definitely add a wing, check bone stuff, doc gratis made a good point. And, i'm just thinking...maybe add a barrier around it? like it's roped off like real exhibits. =]

right now i would say a 4


It says unnatural history!!!! DUH! Who cares!? I love dinosaurs so $5!


thanks kids, ill definitely add awing, keep the people, fix the neck, and add a velvet rope in front of the skeleton. as for the actual bone structure, its a composite of about half a dozen different animals/dinos (and not a stegasaurus, i promise). the neck bones are the same arrangement they were on the animal they came from, but ill redo it. the only big guess i made is where to attach the wings -- i put them on the scapula. i dont think any animal has wings and forearms, so i think its open to interpretation. i really appreciate your comments. thanks.


Q: Why did the Dinosaurs become extinct?
A: Because you touch yourself at night


Great conceopt and once you make those few changes I'd definately buy! And keep the people too. $5


i think you should make all the bones wrong just to fuck with people.
it looks great as is, do whatever YOU think would make it look better. its fictional and from your head so nobody here can say its wrong.


mm, a good design, but the fossil is - well, inconsistent. there isn't much more to say than what's already been said. i look forward to the resubmission, because i think the idea is really great, it just needs a touch-up. to your credit, at least you have a more ornisthician hip (dinosaurs evolved to have either "lizardlike hips" or "birdlike hips"; the ones with birdlike hips - ornisthician hips - are thought to have evolved into modern-day birds, whereas the others were, unsurprisingly, not birdlike/less likely to fly. stegosaurs had ornisthician hips, somewhat surprisingly, so even if the bones look/are too heavy for the dragon to fly, at least - for the true sticklers of dinosaur physiology - the hips are more accurate!). whew.


I like the idea and the design. Good luck with redoing it. I'd buy it if it gets printed. $5.

Krista x Face

Nice. Rework it and I'd buy. <3

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