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  • by Robsoul
  • posted Feb 02, 2006

it's that same tree, where does everyone get it from?

cool idea but through in some color, at least a t-shirt color and use an original tee, or are you trying to maake a statement about clipart?

Watch this
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damit... *tree


the treeeeeeeeee is the saaaaaaaaaaaaaame

Mr. Monkey

It's kinda blobby too up in the tree.

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yoooooooooooouuuuu are going to get deeeestroyed for this! good luck anywaay :D


yes, i agree with plans....this has been done before.
better luck next time!


It maybe done before, but dont you think it has a quality about it ?
I like it but not on white, maybe green and I would wear it. Its way better than The_Music_of_Nature !


i like the concept, but it's not very original


Shit, I didn't know this has been done before. Is there anyway I can get this taken down?


i'm sure everyone will grade you pretty low, so it'll get taken down, don't worry.

Robert Daniel NAgy

Don't take it down. No need to be ashamed about getting the same idea as somebody before you. Everything has been done before.

The execution is much better than on The_Music_Of_Nature, even though i still think this is a bit vague.


This should be someone's logo...


i don't really care that it's the same tree. it looks cool. and it's a damn t-shirt. if it looks cool, it's good.


this is better than the music of nature, but you stole the tree, so it's an automatic 0. threadless probably only accepted this because they like teh drameh


i'd wear it if i played
but i don't
but i'll still give it $5
because its a really good design


Hey love it nice work!


this is the 3rd design Ive seen this tree in.


^AMEN! What is it with this tree?!


I don't really see what the problem is with the tree. It's not like someone is going to run up to you wearing this shirt in the street and say "iIve seen that tree before!". A tree's a tree, get over it.


great design


this is way better than any other version and i dont give a shit were the tree is from. It would look great on a shirt and thats all tha matters. $5


Great idea. I love it because the guitar has a cut away. That just turned my rating from a 3 into a 4 alone! Good work!


everyone whining about the fact that it's the same tree and that it's been done before need to get over themselves. If it looks good than that's the end of story. 4


It's not the same exact tree as in Predicament. Look a little closer. It's unfortunate that it has been done before, but I don't think the artist did it intentionally.

It's a good, basic design, and would work good as a logo, but doesn't do a whole lot for me on a shirt.


I really like that. If the tree was a little different and it was on another color, I'd probably get it.


even if the tree wasn't stolen, it's a bland and unoriginal idea. sorry, no 5 from me.


there is definetly an old cuban poster that has this same image


This is the same as an Early November tour poster as well...


quite odd. x) still cool, though.



i think it is neat! i like it!


dude this is exactly like that early november poster when they toured with i believe limbeck. not original enough.


The idea is VERY cool, however this tree needs to stop being used. If you or a friend has a digital camera you can use, I suggest getting a picture of a tree you like, and then desaturate it in photoshop and play with the lighting and contrast.


i like the tree. im glad its love has been spread throughout

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