bring back the bus.

for all those people out there that want england to bring the double decker bus back.

(they stopped using them last year.)

t shirt doesnt have to be white.

Watch this

what?? they don't use that bus anymore??


because of the terrorists?


Yeh an icon!! Nice try but i don't think your campaign will work


I'm really wishing the front of the bus protruded out a little more?

But it's sorta cool. 3


yes, i finally mastered the art of making an icon. =)

empire of infinty

the art needs some work but they seriously dont use double deckers anymore? serisously?


that is just AWESOME
im glad i got to go on one before they stopped using them
i love it.


yes, they seriously did stop using them.

thanks, controversy :)


well one article said theyve completely stopped since last year
and another i just read today said theyre probably going to stop them this year.

sooo...i went with the first article when i designed this.


I don't think that many people know that they stopped, though... certainly I didn't. But maybe it would be a good chance to educate the general public on the abolishing of time-old traditions in foreign lands??


The front of the bus looks super messed up... the perspective seems wrong, doesnt seem completely single point.





i think the perspective is fine, even thought its not perfect. it fits well with the style of the drawing. also, i think the front is right, because its kind of recessed, like next to the driver.


yes, the front is recessed on a double decker.


like lee ann said, the front is recessed. and i think it looks wonderful, and i love the style. you have to be pretty dumb (sorry) to not know the double deckers were ended. $5


Umm... I was just in London in January and went on a double decker quite a few times. They still have them.


After researching apparently they are a new and improved type of double decker bus that I went on. Either way, they are basically the same.


The new buses are very different to the old atmosphere. You can't even run and jump on any more : - (

I looooove this shirt and would so buy it!


I love it. I would buy it for sure. 5.

tiger obrien

the double deckers are gone. there are tourist buses for tourists that have two decks and are full of toursists. but no-one from london. they are all stuck on bendy pieces of crap.
anyway, grrrreat shirt.


the front of the bus needs to be shifted to the left
the perspective is off


the perspective is wrong. plain and simple. fix it and i'd buy


I really like the idea, but the art needs some revamping. Fix and it's cool.


But not on white.
I'm sick of white.


its not right... the whole no-more-bus-thing.
bring it baaack. i love love love this shirt. $5


i come from and live in london and will still have red double deckers, but they recently got rid of the ones like in the design (called routemasters) where you can jump on the back. i don't really know why.


I love this so much, you have no idea.

The fact that the perspectives are a bit off, makes me want it more.

It would look super wicked on one of those ringer tees!

Good luck! <3 fivebuy!


eer i get an a double decker bus every day ! ?


we were just talking about this on the weekend! Lock me in for $5

staffell profile pic Alumni

Of course they have double decker buses over here silly :P

staffell profile pic Alumni

The double decker bus that you have drawn is the old style one native to london.

Exiled Angel

I don't like it I'm afraid, but then I would only wear a t-shirt for a campaign if I thought it would make a difference, otherwise it's just a bit sad. It's a foregone result, get over it, sorry!

The Domo

I dig. I'd buy it.


Good cause. Sure, our efforts won't do any good. but then again, when do campaign t-shirts actually accomplish the things they were created to do?


I live in London, and the last bus of this kind rode in December, sure there are still double deckers, but they are modern versions, that are more eco-friendly, they even have ones that emit water only (hydrogen fuel).

I do admit I miss the old school bus, it was great to be able to hop on and off whenever you felt like it...

but thinking in terms of eco and environmentally friendly public transportation, they had to go...maybe one day they will be able to resurrect the old buses in a modern version so that they can emit only water like the rest.

I like t he design of this shirt, and I dont care about the angles or goes with the style...and the front is exactly how it should be...

althought there are two black lines inside the "D" and "O" that probably shouldnt be there...

all in all id buy it, but I'll give it a 4

Phat Phatty

Jerome Bettis should retire


I agree.


It's because of the sequel to that "The Mummy" movie, isn't it?


most people here that think the "perspective is off" probably just aren't familiar with the actual physical shape of those buses.

if you expect the front of the bus to be shaped like that of a yellow school bus (, then the image looks TOTALLY messed up.

but those buses are actually shaped with half the front forward and half the front recessed. ( or in which case the drawing is fine in regards to perspective


oh, and i'm aware people have already said the whole "nope, the buses really are shaped like that" thing, i just wanted to give people images so they could see what's really going on.


awww, i love it. i miss the bus!


I like it alot but it would be alot cooler if it was just a side-view and had no words. Maybe even a paint splatter behind it.

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