yin and yang

Second try at my first serious submission.

Watch this

Nice concept, but what do you have against cellists?

Both figures--but especially the ninja--need some internal lines to define their elements better.

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errrrrr nope


i don't really understand what's happening.


That is one very rough drawing. And the tiny dust-cloud you see going over that far hill is the ninja bandwagon. It left town a while ago.


More of a "Crouching Tiger" martial artist deal than a straight-up ninja. Lacks balance, and kinda bland overall. Keep trying.

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i first saw the shaolin climbing a wall or something...


I dont get it. Maybe he's playing badly bc he can't see his music


similar to "rock me..." by glennz with the cellist.


looks like too much like standard clipart.


y cello player?!.. dunt get it, and yeah, wheres the antialias


It's pixelated because he blew it up. Not pixelated on the shirt. I get it, and think it's cool 4

chaka bear

If you get it than explain it to us! And if he had to blow it up to fit that than it will be pixelated on the shirt too.


The idea was that the shaolin guy was balanced on the tip of the cellist's bow. He's not supposed to be attacking him or anything, I just thought it would look cool.


I submitted it once and was rejected,and thought maybe the antialiasing was creating extra colors and that's why I didn't get approved. So I turned it off. After looking at other entries closer I realize that was probably not the reason, but I'd already submitted the pixely one. Thanks everyone for the input, I'm learning a lot and my next ones will be better.


np.. i knew the guy was jus balancin on the bow, i jus thought there was sum hidden meanin behind it that it was a shaloin monk and a cellist

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