Harajuku Bitch

Hey, people! As an avid supporter of Stefani haters, I made this image of one of the Harajuku girls throwing a CD or picture, you decide, of Gwen's into the trash. To anybody who finds this offensive, once you think about it, it isn't so bad since Gwen pretty much did that to her former ‘No Doubt’ band members and will most definitely repeat her actions once the Lolita look becomes tired out.


This image is best suited for the lighter colored shirts since it is made up of shades. I'd love to have your feedback on this, but remember; this is my first design ever, and I'm just starting out, so BE KIND!


Watch this

at first glance, it looked like a picture of marilyn monroe, then I read the description. the subject itself looks a little lolita-ish....
i'm not sure I get it.

starr226 profile pic Alumni

I didn't realize there was so much conversation involving gwen stefani. who cares?

She Says So

a bit you know,


plus the image is shhh.


it looked like marilyn to me too, and the skintones could be handled better.


did no one else noticed the abnormally long arm?
i <3 gwen:-p


... i guess you can say that looks like gwen

but it DEFINITELY looks like marilyn monroe

frankly... i don't think the drawing is up to par...i hate the fact that the girl's eyebrow is missing and the hair is just whack (there's not even a matching bun!!!).. and the waist... abnormal.

but then again this is your first shot so it's pretty alright

by the way... i DO love the boots... it feels like you switched up styles... i like the fact you put up a lot of detail in the shoes... but it just doesn't match up to the rest of the body...

wow ... that's a lot... 3


i like the idea a lot, but the artwork needs to be redone. it bothers me how the boots are really detailed and then the girl's face and body isn't.


Definately looks like maralyn, and the harajuku girl looks...well I guess needs more detail. I didn't know it was supposed to be a Japanese girl without having to read.


Her legs disappear at the thighs and knees. 0_O

The girl overall looks really unfinished. And the picture does look more like Marilyn Monroe than Gwen Stefani.

I like the concept, but it needs work.


i fucking hate gwen stefani

she was good in no doubt


The length of the arm is not abnormally sized... im 5'9... my arms are that long

Phat Phatty

Why does this need to be on a shirt? I don't think the reason you gave was sufficient enough ... it is typical in pop culture for something to be in one minute and out the next. If this shirt were printed, it might make sense, but it has no longevity ... imagine someone wearing this five years down the line. Do you think gwen stefani will be around in five years? Try to pick a subject which isn't reliant on pop culture or references a specific artist or time

tiger obrien

i hate gwen stefani. i'd like to step on her face. but if i can't do that, then this will have to do. for now. 5 because i really really cannot stand that woman.

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you cant imply that much line... you need something to show the lace on the bottom of the skirt and to fill out those massive bite marks where her knees used to be. Im sorry but why cant people put some effort into a design.

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i wouldn't bother wearing a shirt that shows how much i hate gwen stefani, i just dont care enough. plus livetrace=ugh.


as a dedicated fan of gwen stefani, ever since the "no doubt" self titled album, i must grade this a zero.

it isn't visually appealing either.


i think it's cool


Hey, everyone, thanks so much for the comments! The arm is a bit...ehhhh. To the Stefani fans out there, hahaha, sorry!!

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yeah gwen stefani is cool, so is marilyn?
first my gwen, then my harajuko?!?!



next time draw the image instead of just tracing and using photoshop filters.
That way you won't lose an eyebrow or get fucked up shit like that arm.


Just so you know, it's really tacky to give a rating to a design that's 2 months past its scoring time.

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