Sketchy Skull

  • by mklay
  • posted Jan 27, 2006

This is a skull I drew for a showprint back in 2003. It's so versatile, it could pretty much end up on any color shirt.

Watch this

I am a huge fan of skulls. But um, it dosen't have that little extra that seems to be on most Threadless shirts. For some reason I just imagined the shirt with a dummy's body attached to the skull and I liked it a lot, that would be fun to see....


Awesome, and I like it plain, on the black shirt, near the bottom.

Someone needs to make a girly skull shirt. :(


i agree with most; nice style but not enough.


not really all that creative, i can probably go to hot topic and buy something just like it


I like it alot, especially down at the bottom like that. Sometimes less is more, don't change a thing.


save this kind of stuff for the crappy hot topic t shirt designers.

mike lowrey

on the black one it looks pretty nice


love it esp on black reminds me of nightmare b4 xmas xx


i kind of really like the simpleness. simple tees are cool.
i like the grey and green ones.


I'm a fan of skulls (the more arty cute ones, not the morbid kind) so this is right up my alley.

And I don't know why every time people see a skull they say it looks too much like a Hottopic shirt. And even if it did (which this one really doesn't) I wouldn't care since I like that store.


I don't think there is anything wrong with this design, in fact i like it, and i also happen to enjoy hot topic to a certain extent. HOWEVER, I must agree with others in that this design, while cute and cool, is just not...I don't know, doesn't have that extra "umph." I don't think the design is "out there" enough.


decent design, but not too unique...


centered on black would be awesome $5


this would be a great shirt if you were working for CCS or a skate company. its a good design, but not what i expect from a threadless shirt. 3



it's been done... not necissarily on here but I've been many-a-skulls like that one thurre.

yawn ze-ro.


pretty over the skull thing or at leats the cartoon skull


the black one is pretty cool

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