Peace Can Now Be Heard

I got inspired. The figures on the fingertips of the open hand is sign language and spells out P-E-A-C-E from left to right (pinky finger to thumb). I figured this would be a cool way to express myself. COMMENT ANY THOUGHTS, be truthful. I like to know what you all think of it. Suggestions, scores, etc. I like opinon. Thanks!


Watch this

I love it i would so buy it for my brother (hes deaf) and he would love it he used to be obsessed with peace signs and such. I would like more color options though. :) <3 $5


too plain!


i would really love it if the peace symbol in the center was left out


yeah, no peace sign :)


I think the 'C' is backwards. I know to look like an actual letter C, it would face to the right, but compared to the other signs it seems like it's going the wrong way. Maybe flip the others around? And I could be wrong, since it's hard signing to myself to tell, haha.

Neat concept though and I like the title. I love all subs that use real sign sign language and/or finger spelling! Maybe give more color options next time? I think this would also look great if you reworked it with some of your own personal touches. Maybe a more artsy style... sketchy or something.

Just some suggestions. Kudos for inspiration and self expression, keep it up.


i think that you should take the peace sign out of the middle of the hand or at least make it bigger.
i would make the hand smaller and just in the center of the shirt so it's not overtaking the whole thing.
cool concept nonetheless.


thanks for the suggestions so far guys :)


I like the style of the hand, but the signing symbols in the finger tips have no style/differnt style than the hand itself. I would like to see your title actually included on the shirt. Encorporate it somehow


Nice design. I wouldn't buy it because it contradicts some of my personal beliefs. ^^ Good job, though.


It is a great idea, but it looks like you just used clip art...


hmm yeah.... everyone says it looks like clip art when i did indeed use photoshope, but im just experimenting.. im young and i want to be a graphic designer so i figured i would start here and see what you all thought. i appreciate the suggestions though.

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