Fifty One

  • by keinpeil
  • posted Jan 25, 2006

Fifty One and still counting...

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Joan Burroughs

The fact that the states are red made me think it's a pro-Republican shirt at first. But hey, is that Iraq?


Well they annexed Hawaii, so why not Iraq.
Anyway I thought the UK was the 51st State!

Red is goo d as America thinks it is BIG BROTHER
these days!


I experienced the shirt exactly as Joan Burroughs did.


Hmm.. i like the concept but i think it could be executed better.. The All-red states definately bring up visions of Red State Republican Dominance. Not a high point in American Politics. Keep at it.


<sarcasm>wow, how original</sarcasm> sorry not feeling it.


You should put the iraq/hawaii/alaska box over the top of the mid-west to emphasize that there's 3... and change the color.


interesting statement.


living in arizona would make on think that mexico is the 51st state.


this is an inacurate tee and also boring.


isnt puerto rico the 51st state anyway?


(not literally. but theyre next in line right)


yeah the red isn't a good choice.


Thickblueink, there obviusly is not a 51st state, its political commentary on the Iraq war, and due to that I think the red fits, or you should have made the us states there acurate red v. blue colors and than had Iraq red.


make all the states like the flag kinda u know like the blue square and the red and white lines. good concept dont like all red tho. 4


so you just placed a map on a shirt and added iraq? what's your own design/artistic style like? show that instead.


yea, iraq needs to be way more emphasized. it's not apparent it's there unless you're looking for it and even then it could be unclear to a lot of people what it is. not everyone is judging threadless shirts, and to regular people on the street this would be a regular old pro-usa shirt at passing glance.


midwest for life. whuhhht


this is retarted... not only does it look like republicans are taking over the world but why the hell is iraq considered a state!? It looks like a copy and paste too.


I doubt most Americans could recognize Iraq, maybe add labels. :)


I hate it, anything concerning the war is unorignal and over done, maybe you should stop and think about doing something creative


I definitely don't think this is overdone, I would love a great, artistic, anti-war tshirt, and I have yet to find one I really like. The idea is good, but I also agree that all I initially saw was that Republicans have taken over the country (all red states).


on that basis, maybe this should be titled 'Landslide Victory'


your country doesn't have a name

united states of america? they're only united states, what is the name?

america? you are north america, not "america", you also have central america and south america, you are just north America

so please, go and get a name =)

M. Rogers

didn't know it was Iraq until i read the comments. but i don' look at a lot of maps.


Yeah, the fact that it's Iraq took four people to figure out. I thought that it was Ontario. One girl thought it was Puerto Rico, another thought it was all of Canada. I raq needs to be more emphasized.


songbird what in the world do you mean? Please, go and get a name? o.O The name of the country is the United States of America. That is the name of the country. So please, go and get a clue. =)


cool, good to know that you can use MS paint.
you get a gold star.

go buy some iron on paper.



i hope your not suggesting that all of america is republican, and if so, i hate it. but otherwise its cool i guess.


I think you haven't been to Iraq. Nice try hippies


Republicans rock, and if this is making fun of the States, I hope this image gets burned.


Sgt. Pepper

Iraq doesn't have the most recognizable shape. I was confused til I read the comments


Finally communism took over the us

I think the idea is funny but the color is not so good...


why this shirt is interessting?

thanks for reading my comment


It makes me sad that people were so ... not nice in their commenting. I like this shirt, I dont know if I'd buy or wear it, but I dont think that it reflects poorly on the sub. Its an interesting idea, take it for that. Dont criticize everything just because you're bitter. I dislike the bitter people on Threadless. Make a suggestion, dont kill the idea and its creator. :/


I like the idea, but it's a little too extremist in sentiment for me.


It's an interesting concept but it's been overdone in political jokes (I bought a "Welcome to Iraq, the 51st state" sticker at least two years ago), and poorly executed here. It took me a few minutes (and reading the comments) to figure out that Iraq was even there.


thats kind of true.


mepushingbuttons profile pic Alumni

i had to open my world geography book (grade 6) at least three times before i realized that the extra state was actually utah. i must say that i dont really see the point since im pretty sure utah is already a state, but this is a very nice try and i hope that nobody gives you too much grief for suggesting that utah should be a state twice


alaska is so much bigger than that.


I couldn't tell that that was Iraq.


UK the 51st state? Think again cadjockey.


i am not trying to be critical of the designer of this t-shirt as i am sure it took alot of time and effort...but all these comments....what the cod is going on....youhave lost a proper perspective on Iraq...big time.....UK the 51st state?....i hope not....grim


The Washington, DC lover in me hates the idea that anything other than Washington, DC would be considered the 51st state.

The color fill is kind of eh on the states, not as smooth as it could be.

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