Hipster Doll

  • by jcmyk
  • posted Jan 25, 2006

Delightful! Nice twist on the model kit deal.

Only questioning the mountain bike... seems a bit too athletic for the unconcerned hipster set. And no messenger bag or pack of cigs?!

Still, c'est fantastique.

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yea id swap the mountian bike for a road bike.


Maybe make the bike more of a cruiser style? Anyhow, love this... have you given any thought to a "hipster girl" tee to match this? Could be sweet...

jersey boy

hmmm...maybe with a vespa i'd rock this too, anyways all in all a nice "package"


shouldn't his underwear be PINK! BAHHHHH!
Bring on the girl shirt.


Whit Whoo nice undies!!!


hahahaah i love this design, and i agree with the others. if there was a hipster girl shirt i'd definitely wear it.


very cute. haha.
i agree with the others:
hipster girl too.
that might be fun.


this is really good i love your style, colours great wouldnt change a thing $5

jcmyk profile pic Alumni

thanks for the feedback. i'd do a hipster girl version, but i'm not really sure what girls look like with their clothes off. and i'd like to keep it that way.

wish i'd have thought of a vespa ...


This is so perfect. How could it be better?

When can I buy this shirt?

I just made myself cry, sorry.


There is a new restarant that I saw last night named Vespa. They serve noodles and 'house' wine in a mall atmosphere.

I think a crappy asian scooter is cooler than a vespa.

Vespa's are only for stealing and naming restaurants after.


A scooter or a cruiser would be more appropriate than a mountain bike, even judging by the rugged, Vancouver hipster crowd. I'd replace the amp with a Timbuk2 messenger bag as suggested. Great idea, though, and I don't think that girl hipsters look much different from the boy ones -- they all seem to be impossibly skinny to me.


i'd buy it fore sure

The Captain of Awesome


Haha I even look like that :[

I'd probably wear this just for the great jokes my friends would make.

But, not on white? How about Khaki or Light Green?


ROFL That's amazing. Well drawn, awesome awesome supaa no. won idea.


yes! i will so buy this! a vespa would rock. 5$


I'd like to see a vespa, too. A pink one.
If you could do more than three colors. xD


perfect. keep the mountain bike for true cred.

dont hipster girls look about the same? pink accents, sans chest hair, you're in business to all markets.

Unsafe Safe

Vegan water is the best.

jcmyk profile pic Alumni

YAAAY! someone noticed the vegan water!! my work here is done.


A little more color would be nice,if possible.

I also think a girl version would be great.


I like it but I'd like it better on another medium - not a t-shirt but maybe cardboard or a maganet, etc. But I like it.


please make a girl one, and change the bike.


i gave you a $5 on the condition that it doesnt get printed on white/nude. that would totaly suck ass. i have no suggestions but....not white.


This is seriously a great idea, I'd definately wear it. You should make a girl model too =)


jeans arent skinny enough! :) and one leg should be rolled up since there's a bike.
agreed to take out amp (theres an acoustic up there... why do they need an amp? mf'ers play on-campus anyways) and put in messenger bag. and ciggs.


i love everything about this. $5


Guess I should apologize t0 you jcmyk for being the first to jump up and down and ask for a hipster girlie doll like it was xmas and you were santa... but it would be SO GREAT! Think of all the "his and her hipsters" gallery pics you'd get....

And dangerouspenguin, warandhairstyle, et al, are right: basically take away the chest hair and replace with a training bra, and you've got yerself a hipster gal ready to get dressed and go do whatever it is hipster girls do...

ANYHOW, love this, will buy no matter what, but would SO love to buy that matched set... (wink)


yeah yeah, i like it, awesome illustration and great idea... nice work !!!! 5$


This made me laugh, hipsters are funny, although my all hipster friends might think I was mocking them, which, of course, I might be.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

very awesome! This is a nice and original idea, and a great execution. I see a winner!

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

i like it.. but the shoes.. are they suppose to be side/front view as other objects? i still give you 5$ though.. nice work


Very Moshtastic!


where i am at...scooters are rare, its all outdoor stuff and bikes. it would be funny if the girl version was exactly the same, just all the blue is (pink? meh.) add a bra and a diff hair color. great work!


If using a bike, perhaps a single-speed messenger bike or an old-school 3-speed Scwinn banana-seat

Perhaps change the tighty-blueys to boxer briefs

overall a cool design--i'm sure a lot of thought went into what to put as accessories--can't please everyone (I'm sure east-coast hipsters are quite different from west-coast)



is this a self-portrait? because it is super cute! wink!
i would buy this in one second!

Habbit Designs

Is this supposed to be Emily the Strange's Boyfriend?
Same comcept.

x LiNdSi x

thats frickin awesome. i want it.



someone suggested another colour shirt but i think this works fabulously on white...because of all the black and such.

i'd buy it, but a girl version would rock too! striped socks, graphic tee, boys style undies and under-tank, converse all-stars as well with perhaps some leg warmers, maybe a boho scarf of some kind, a messenger bag/satchal, wrist warmers or cuffs, chunky jewelry...

oh man...you must have had fun designing this one!



Definitely one of the cutest designs I've seen on threadless! I love paper dolls, and the fact that this is so well executed has made me vote $5.

slender fungus

that is one huge camera. and i agree, the bike seems a little out of place. i say put a record player there instead.

jcmyk profile pic Alumni

haha - but picture the camera in front of his huge head!
everyone's a critic.

slender fungus

but still, that camera is overly large in proportion. and it's like, the only thing that's diproportionate. i'm not really complaining. i'd buy the shirt, anyways.

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