• by gothinne
  • posted Jan 24, 2006

So sick of freaking Ipod.

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Oh, but otherwise the design is nice, simple and clean. Just hate Ipod.


Yep, iPod designs are too old and boring now.


the only thing i see in comments anymore is how everyone's sick of everything.

if the design isn't exactly the same, just deal with the fact that some of the elements might repeat. if this never happened, design possibilities would run out in a very short period of time.

ANYWAY, i like it. the ballerina's very nice...the shape of the legs, the skirt...the legs look a little long to me, but that would be an advantage to a ballerina, so it's cool.

i think she should be careful though cuz the regular ipod isn't so good for dancing. moving parts and such.


Nope popealexander the ballerina's legs aren't too long- it's just that ballerinas get more and more freakish with each passing generation ^_^

I think that the tutu, top arm, and bottom foot could use some more work, but overall a good re-work of the concept.


Very nice design and those of us who don't own an IPOD yet think IPOD's are cool. I would spend the money for this. Great ballerina, too.


ipods are great. Copying their ads is not great.

She Says So

ihate ipods.

fashion victims weapon of choice.

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Nice exectuion..but this would be too much of an advertisememt to wear.


I am a ballerina... I don't even have an ipod... but the design is great, the ballerina is in perfect attitude, and i would buy this even though ideally I would break an ipod while dancing ...if I ever own one.

Andy Guarjol

I want your T-shirt and I want and ipod too!


don't front. you all have ipods.


yea. you have an ipod. admit
and i like it. i'ld but it for my music/dance crzed friend
good job

Kurticus Maximus

Eh, there have been so many fake iPod ads, you have to come up with something really clever to make it work any more.

I mean really clever.

This is nice, but too standard.


the shape is gorgeous but yeah ipod-ed out.


i love the ballerina by herself, i would buy something to do with just her.

but the ipod?? sorry, not a walking ad for a campaign thats been long worn out.


I agree with others, the ballerina is lovely, but the ipod ad concept is past its best now, at least you didn't put a great big heart around it though!


I really like the design.. very clean... but I agree that the ipod thing is over a year or two ago I would have been all over this

montmont profile pic Alumni

nice well implemented design, but as everyone has pointed it, it looks too much like Apple Advertising art..


looks a bit too much like the actual ipod ads, i think. i do like it, though.


One of the arms looks like its coming
out of the back of the ballerina's neck.

minor king

love the ipods. I love ballerinas. I olve the ads. I hate walking around like an advertisement though. But cute concept. :D

empire of infinty

some of these comments are a backlash to the backlash thats going on over ipod designs...or something. either way ipods get so much free advertising on this site so i agree no more ipod designs but other than that its a very clean well executed design


everything is fucking pop culture and commercialized and i just dont see what the big deal is-- sometimes i prefer wearing ads on shirts- who gives a fuck anyways its not like ur going to change anyones mind about u if u are or arent wearing a product

d3d profile pic Alumni

hey consuela, good to see your designs are opening for votes. since you're new here you wouldn't have known about the plague of ipod designs that went through a month or two ago. i imagine if this had been the first of them it would have scored ok but as you can see people are really sick of ipods. nice graceful drawing though. ballerinas rule.


I think it is clever and I like it. It's not just advertising ipods. It's advertising BALLET dancing while listening to an advertisement, and if everyone that had an ipod on campus ballet danced around, I would be very entertained and happy.


i'd give this negative numbers if I could


i really like that


wow mciver, that was really constructive..grow up.

really nice design. liked the lines, shapes, overall look of the ballerina. my critiques would be lost in the other white noise about the tiredness of the ipod design. keep up the good work, and look for a more creative outlet. cheers.


Wow, the ballerina is EXCELLENT. Beautifully done. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.


Everyone's so sick of the iPod design, but did anyone stop to think that the design might be copyrighted?

Anyhoo, this is a nice image. I don't think I'd like it on a shirt, though, at least not with that placement.


Nice clean design, but all this is doing is stealing the ipods ad concept. Highly unoriginal.

at it destruction

get rid of the ipod you lame corporate person!!!


OH GOD OH BUDDHA no more ipod shiuftghohgl stuff i HATE it it makes me want to puke


Yeah.. sorry.. we're tired of seeing i-pods..


you're tired of seeing the same ipod shirt, i'm tired of reading the same ipod comments.


i dont care if its overdone, i've never seen a ballerina with an ipod and i think that;s an original touch.


I love it- just not on pink. Maybe light blue?


This rocks!


i think it's kinda funny. i mean. i wouldn't expect a balerina to have an ipod. when i first saw it, and before i trudged through all the" ugh ipod" comments, i thought it was kinda funny and backwards. but yeah. i wouldn't wear it. keep designing though, i do like the simplicity.


Did Apple pay you to make this?

it's really bad considering it's not funny^^ for a ballerina to have an ipod because LYKE OMGZ WHO DOEZN'T HAVE AN IPOD??!1ONE11!!


i don't have an iPod.

so there.

however, i really reallyreally like this shirt.


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