Cockatiel Hour

It makes me giggle. $4

Watch this

I love this shirt!!!...perfect to wear on a night out with my drinking friends.

what's that bird imbibing anyway? melon martini? Nice title, too.



Love it!


Legs are a bit out, but $5 anyway.

cook book

Frickin awesome!!
I want this shirt now, i want a hella drunk tipsy bird. with a top hat what a mack.


Drinking Birds rock! I can definitely picture myself working behind the bar with this this shirt.


This rocks. I'd get it. 5$


the legs look freakishly large, but otherwise i like it


having him downing some Krystal, (sp?) then he'd be hella classy!!
love it!!


hahaha, i love this


Homer: He's drinking the water!


I'd suggest having a few of the empty glasses laying down, like he knocked a couple of them over in his drunken stuper.

I'd probably still buy it even if you didn't change it, $5


haha, aww, I like it!


hmm, let's say DON'T make it look like a real cockatiel ... leave it as is ... I like it.


Feet are a little big, and the orange strikes me as odd, but if that's what you feel's best.. 5$.

El Chico Blanco

Love it , but the Freakishly large feet scare me a little

mrylander profile pic Alumni

OK. You guys are gonna give this poor little bird a complex about his feet. I think his feet are normal. If you've never seen one of these drinking birds, check out the link below, or Google "drinking bird." They have big feet so they don't fall over I guess. I had one when I was 7 and loved it. Drink, dry out, drink, dry's a link to a picture:,1118424119,5.jpg

Tom Fucking Cruise

This is a good, solid Cocktail based submission. could use some Tom Cruise, but I'll let it slide.


interesting idea. the glasses look a little mechanical in the way they all touch at the exact same point, but it does create an interesting figure ground effect


i hate that martini poster thing... but love drinking birds


good but one too many martini glasses

mrylander profile pic Alumni

The bartender should have followed that advice.

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