Up the crick...

Had to look up crick to see if it was right. >_<

It is.

Watch this

so i really just have to say that the tittle made me laugh really hard while i was waiting for the design to load

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nice, i fell like this all the time.


im sorry but your submissions are blowing my mind


haha, drunk indians!


hahaha now this i like.


This is incredibly racist. zero.



this is sexy.
a cashmoneys and a five for you!


its funny, but the implications kinda suck and it would be uncomfortable to wear this in the south west.

its not really your art (which is really good) its just history that sucks. come to az, youll see


its racist (amer. indians are drunks). ditto on the zero.


lets all relax this is a great design. its just a joke about how if you got drunk on a boat you might forget your paddle.
hence, up the crick......(without a paddle?)
i think that native americans might find this humerous too.


This is the second racial slur I've seen on a shirt tonight. I'm terribly dissapointed in whoever screens these things, you've not done your job to keep hate out of threadless. $0. Who do you think you are?!


This shirt rocks, as for all the people that seem to feel it has racist undertones, lets think logically- you see tons and tons of shirts showing drunk Irish men but do you see a backlash of complaints? Get over it people- its a funny shirt, if the designer wanted to be racist they could have done a lot more on the subject of "Indians". I really doubt the designer "hates" native americans, otherwise the shirt would be way worse.
Good work your designs are great ^_^

whisper in water

Do you know what I love? Oversensitive people who freak out about everything.
I also love sarcasm.


yup Lucky Charms must be racist then too, coz all Irish Men love cereal filled with marshmellows!! get over it unless your native american and find this offensive, in that case, you must be native american and never touched a drop of alcohol in your life.
all this debate over a great/ humorus tshirt. $5 love it, am going to buy it.


Freakin' great! $5


Just wanted to point out that THREADLESS has not printed any shirts with drunken Irish men on them so thats really not the best argument. While I don't think this shirt is meant to be hateful I can see how it might offend some people.I like your style though,so 3.


Sorry, but I don't this would work out because of the history involved. There are a lot of people out there who know of the war and conflicts between white Europeans and native Americans in the beginning of this country, where the natives' intolerance for liquor was used as an unofficial weapon and huge numbers of them died from it. Like Evilpinkie said, despite your intentions this shirt could be deemed offensive and won't be accepted. Your execution is fairly good, though.


Haha, I like it. I'm not sure if it's bad, but I probably wouldn't wear it, being in Oklahoma and all.


What the fuck?!
I doubt the designer knows ANYTHING about "native americans"

This is a very, VERY bad shirt!

Doc Gratis

Funny concept, but does ti have to be Native Americians?
Seems like it would be just a funyn with any two peopke drunk in the cannoe

Evil Doodle

The racism thing didn't hit me until I read the comments. I guess it's a stereotype that indians are drunks. Anyway, I agree with the last guy, just two drunks would have been funnier(and aparently less offensive). Maybe a brown shirt too, so they could be up sh*t creek without a paddle.


I see how it could be offensive if your completely nuts about that kinda thing and can't take a joke. I think the design is awesome and its a funny shirt.


Yeah I'm not usually offended easily and I love me some sarcasm, but I think this shirt is in pretty poor taste. I'm not sure how the phrase "up the crick" has anything to do with drinking. I get that if you were drunk you could potentially leave your oars behind, but to then tie that imagery in with Native Americans seems a bit uncreative. It could have been anyone in that boat, why did it have to be indians? It's hard not to hit a nerve nowadays, but this one just seems to obvious to let slip by. I really like the concept and would love to see it re-worked, but I'm not the artist. Just some food for though.


Really tasteless.


*creek - not crick :)

creek ( P ) Pronunciation Key (krk, krk)
A small stream, often a shallow or intermittent tributary to a river.Also called regionally branch, brook1, kill2, run.
A channel or stream running through a salt marsh: tidal creeks teeming with shore wildlife.
Chiefly British. A small inlet in a shoreline, extending farther inland than a cove.

up the creek (without a paddle) Informal
In a difficult, unfortunate, or inextricable position.


Crick is dialect, it's how some in the south will say "creek"

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Those color choices can also found in vomit. And the perspective of the canoe & headdresses give me a headache.


just because there are people of a race in it doesn't make it racist.


As a white, middle class, male suburbanite who has never seen a Native American in person in my entire life, I find this terribly offensive.

Get over yourselves plz.


its not being racist. its stereotypical.


maybe it's just the cultural sensitivity in me, but i really can't vote my approval of this shirt. Yeah, it's a joke, ok fine, but i do historical reenactment and i would get a tomahawk up my ass (in the kindest way possible) if i tried to wear this shirt around them.

Native Americans have enough issues with having major league team sports named after their racial slurs, i.e. Washington Redskins (You'd never see a team with an African-American racial slur as their name, would you? Don't make me spell it out... starts with an "n") so let's not create t-shirts perpetuating a racial stereotype.

It's just not any kind of cool.


Sorry, i did mean to leave a note about how great the artwork is and how excellent a job you did rendering the concept, iotadial. Keep submitting, just not stuff like this.


Oh, ouch! I'd love to wear this shirt, but I'd get suspended, lol. It's funny, though, and will probably be printed. I'd buy it, well, I'd try to anyways.


alchol was horrible for them this isn't funny and is very rascist

Bad Ash

great shirt, savages drunk on firewater. I love it.


I'm part native american, and didn't see the shirt as being racist. That being said, esp. with the comments left by some people, many would find it as so.

Nice execution, just a sub-par idea socially.


I thought that the guys in the canoe being native was a bit of social commentary, but I guess it was just me.


ashleyallyn, at 8:31pm on Jan 27, 2006
its not being racist. its stereotypical.

man, what the fuck?!
It could have been anybody on a canoe, drunk with their paddle floating away

Bad Ash, at 10:59pm on Jan 28, 2006
great shirt, savages drunk on firewater. I love it.

you idiots know nothing


teaching kids off the reserve who have to live with the serious reality that shirt tries to make light of would not appreciate this, and neither do I


wow, outrage and controversy! 5 just for that!


Wait, showing Original Americans with alcohol is racist? Why? Are they not allowed to drink?

Maybe we should all try to look past racial stereotypes instead of going out our way to find/be righteous about them...

Some Original Americans drink. So do a lot of people. Drinking and canoeing, while they may seem to be a killer combination, can get you into trouble. That's really all there is. And its a great shirt to boot. (So sit down, shut up, and THINK before you start perpetuating stereotypes by screaming "racism!" at everything.)


All of you need to fucking lighten up on life a bit. Button you are a fucking idiot if you think he doesnt know it is spelled creek not crick...Regardless of the fact that this shirt has native americans it is amazing, who gives a damn if it has native americans. If it had two white guys would he then be calling them trialer park trash and making fun of them and we would all assume he is black or a stuck up rich white person? NO, you would not even think twice about it. Get over yourselves and the gay ass need for political correctness, I garuntee every single one of you idiots are racist too. You are all garbage, this shirt is priceless. $500,000,000,000.00


What the fuck?!
I doubt the designer knows ANYTHING about "native americans"

This is a very, VERY good shirt!

Really tasteful.

I'm really diggin it.


well...as a Native American myself, I think this is quite possibly the stupidest shirt I've ever seen. Not only is it a stereotypical portrayal of Indians (and a poor one at that), it's extremely offensive. The Sioux and Cheyenne nations who wore war bonnets lived in the plains, and are confused with the Ojibway and Great lakes nations who used canoes. Also, I promise you that one would not be playing a drum (keg?)in a canoe.

This shirt is NOT tasteful, cool or indie rock. It is racist and a product of ignorance.


I, who am not a Native American, find it offensive because in point of fact, I am selling the stupidest shirt on earth.

What's more it's non-racist (self deprecating in fact), involves drinking-or at least the implication of it, and it can be purchased at www.bumluckhome.com

Probably only climbers or gift buyers of climbers will be interested, however.


Not at all racist!
Grow a sense of humor people, Jesus would like that!

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