dont steal my bones

nice shirt! very metal/ hardcore $5

Watch this

That is quite interesting. It seems like it should be the cover of an album. It's really not my style but it deserves a 5.


A threadless shirt I could wear in a mosh pit! DON'T STEAL MY BONES! YEAH! 5.


not only do i like this because you are my brother, i like it just because its plain sweet.
arrrrg bones.


i've been a threadless fan for years, thought it was about time i threw one in the game.

thanks for the kind words everyone, you all rock.

except for taraleh, you just kinda rock by default.


This is a real powerful image. Not what I'd wear, but who cares about that? Aa fantastic t-shirt design.


i love it! you rule tony.


GREAT illustration style. Very creative.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

very goth industrial, but god dammit i want one!


awesome. i like it muchly.

M. Rogers

i dont typically like shirts that approximate chest things--i.e. ribs where the ribs should be, a tuxedo shirt, etc-- but this design is tense and kind of threatening and it works.


maybe it's just the Lamb Of God in the background but this is the best damn shirt ever


I love anatomy shirts.
I love this shirt.
Good work.


It looks so excllently evil i dont know if id wear it my self but i have friends who would. 5

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