Foot Care

A conversation piece to say the least, you will always get attention with this shirt. My favorite so far, (random girl at bar): "Do you know you have toenail clippers on your shirt?" Seeing as how this was my first screenprint I had ever made, I thought it was only fitting that it be my first threadless submission. And that I pass on the power of the shirt to the masses. And if you dislike it, dont worry I have a plethera of these odd designs.

The following are two pics the day I made the shirt, so they arent as faded as in the above picture.

<a href="">Pic 1</a></font></b>

<a href="">Pic 2</a></font></b>

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staffell profile pic Alumni

you've learnt the hard way haha


Yes please. Fivedolls.


I hate feet too...and the giant toenail clipper really scares me


I think it would annoy me because I am always looking for them with a jagged fingernail getting shitty because scissors always leave sharp edges, but I like the randomness.


I like the design but not the color....the brown looks rusty and tetanus-filled.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

they are silver usually arent they?


I like the content, but Id like it smaller.

montmont profile pic Alumni

hmm, not sure if I'd actually wear this, it looks a little too simple for my tastes..


i like the idea. also wondering why you chose brown, though.

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