Marshmallow Cream Cloud

Marshmallow cream cloud raining ice-cream syrup. Three colors I did this on a purple T-shirt but it would be just as yummy on chocolate.

Watch this

Sorry but it looks like a dollop of shaving cream.

Terry Citizen

Push it up.. the placement is too low.. should be on the chest.
Otherwise I like it, it's simple yet effective.


It doesn't look like a marshmellow to me, but I like it anyway.


I think it looks like whipped potatoes ... and now I'm hungry.


Reminds me too much of a white plastic dog poo....ew


albino poo


i agree - it looks too much like poop


as a general rule i give anything thats purple and has marshmallows in it a 5..but i wouldnt wear this specific one. its cute tho : )


Do you poop with a DQ swirl on top?


I think it looks like shaving cream too. shrugs Anyways, I think if you just made it look more like a marshmallow, somehow, it would be a lot stronger design.


oh... i thought it stood for 'shitty weather' ie a poop for shitty and rain for weather... haha


Mmmm, raining shaving cream would help me shave my legs (good). And Marshamallow cream is yummy to eat (even better). I love this tshirt. It makes me happy, and would make people who see it happy (the best).


I like it. I dont think it really looks like poop or shaving cream, but if I did, I think Id still like it. I want marshmallow cream to rain on me.

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