Les Beau

  • by Naive
  • posted Jan 18, 2006

I've been good freinds with lesbians all my life. And when hanging around them I get called "faggot" randomly by strangers. Which I feel is offensively inaccurate.

This is my own coming to terms with my identity. And my tentative steps into the invention of new pop rhetoric. No offense was intented so please take none.

Watch this

Haha, that made me laugh.

Fun concept (I look forward to using that in conversation), but the design is lacking.


my personal termanology would be "cigarette witch"

mad cat

cute idea.


This is my First Submission, and as such I missed a couple technical things.

1- You can zoom in twice (I didn't know swf files automatically got the zoom in feature so I ineptly added my own)

2- It might not load. Hit refresh and it should appear. My bad again probably due to the color choice feature+my zoom feature interferring with the threadless default zoom.

Thanks for any comments.

lankytom- I agree with you about the design being a little week. I was trying to communicate this new idea as efficiently as possible and perhaps killed the fun.


um...i don't like it. i guess i just don't like wearing les beau on my chest.
actually, i guess its just thefag hag part that kills me.


no.. i just don't likee.


Knew this was you soon as I saw the name, heh.

I think it's a unique concept, and it does communicate the idea effectively/quickly. Meh, it feels a little static to me though. Maybe something like swapping the order of symbols/text on the bottom. i.e. les beau? first, male symbol then the two female symbols. Give it a slight diagonal between the two text areas. Solution most likely isn't that simple though. I demand you rework the entire thing! Immediately!


nice first design, and you actually got around to submitting something, which is more than I've done, heh.


All I see is a blank white space... apparantly I'm the only one.

Dum Luck

^ I got that too..just refresh as he said.



Hey greg thanks for the review. Yeah, may have to rework. I think they have a NO resubmission rule though.


Nice design, but I regret to say I wouldn't really wear it. But as you say, it's from your own experiences, so.


haha i could so see one of my friends wearing this, on closer inspection its not very neat at all.. was it done on photoshop? should be made neater on illustrator

Habbit Designs

this is stupid.
why spell it out?
Who cares!!


Thanks for the props. The design was made in illustrator. I bitmapped it for flash format so you could zoom in and see the design on different color shirts. Converting from illustrator vector to flash vetor renders interesting, but less than acurate results. The audience was not intented to zoom in as far as they were able to.

jar bombadillo
No it's only the one Beau. Beaux is a plural I understand. This I got from the dictionary. Perhaps there is a colloquial spelling difference. I understand this to be a French word. Perhaps we fithy English corrupted it?

No, you are stupid.
I'm not spelling out the contraction of 'lesbain'. That is the only clue you are getting.


Thanks. From your voting record that means a lot.

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