"We can have sweets for dinner?"

the inspiration behind this is hansel and gretel and the witch. the kids here think they're going to get some sweets and this woman/witch knows the truth.

those who gave advice, thank you. i'd really like to thank ste7ven and stickyricegirl for superb advice.

Watch this

I don't remember the witch being so pretty. =) I kind of like it. 4


I love it, the idea, the great choice of colours make it feel so sinister and the illustration itself is brilliant. Well Done!

Easy Jack

I hope and pray this shirt get's printed.

$5 $5 $5 $5 $5


yes, according to my memory, the witch is supposed to be a fat ugly old woman.

but i like this better. easier on the easy, awesome style much.

5 from me =)

scoutti profile pic Alumni

this is so a $5

montmont profile pic Alumni

nice drawing. On the shirt, it looks a little small and the smaller elements tend to get lost. Still, a 5 from me.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I like that the witch isn't the green-faced, hook nosed, cackling variety.


yes the witch in the story was ugly but i'm not going by the story 100%. i twisted things to go my way. i wanted the witch to look pretty because i wanted the underlying meaning that just because something is beautiful doesn't mean it's perfect.

i made the image really small on the shirt just so you can get a feel for where it goes. if this were to ever get printed they could blow it up.

thanks for the appreciation. look for my next sub in the text context!


oh my god...

...i want this shirt so bad O_O


I'm just not sure about the white. Not a big fan of that color. Maybe if you change the colors around for brown, I'd buy it. For right now, it's a 4. Great job.


Mmmm... delicious Bavarian cannibalism.


good job fixing the fire, now it gets $5


i really like this one. i'd want it on pink, i think...



Awesome. Great colour choice.


I want it!
In pink, yes definatly pink,
if it's on pink I will do everything in my power to buy it


Wow I'm actually reading the original Grimm Stories for Young and Old and just finished reading Hansel and Gretel--this rocks!! 5$


Too small.
But other then that , its good.


thanks for the support everyone and to the pink lovers, it looks really pretty on the pink.


whoa!! my name!!! ;) I'm glad to see this one up! wooo!!


I thought this was a fed up mom, envisioning the deaths of her children after they demand candy.

Either way, I like it.


i really like the witch being pretty, it makes it a little easier to belive that the kids would go with her. how many kids do you know that would go with a fat ugly witch they didn't know... even if they would get candy.

Ava Adore

the cage just puts me off a bit, it should be more focused on the oven.
but nice though!


i totally loved this. Be sure i'd buy It. best-best greetings.


very cute! the illustration is fantastic


Really good, very sweet.



I really like your reinterpretation of the witch - I agree both with the new message that beautiful != good, and also the comment that it is more realistic for the kids to go off with a pretty lady than a hideous one... because of the beauty=good assumption!

Really nicely done - good concept, good execution.


FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! The idea, the colors, the illustration... it's all flawless. Very well done!!<3


I feel that it needs something moreinformative in the woman's thought bubble.

5$ otherwise.


I'd change the color, and that's fabulous.


its kind of hard to tell whats in the mothers bubble or is that jsut me


that hansel is so hot right now, hansel.

sorry, couldn't help myself.

nice shirt, like the concert.


^ lol
i'm glad that you approve of hansel


nice idea, but the witch? shes so nice looking!


I like that she looks like mary poppins.


This image made me gasp, it's sooo beautiful!!! I LOVE THIS!! I'd like to see it on white, but it's excellent!


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