We have lift off

We have lift off. Sort of a parody of aeroplane take off.

I wanted to include alot of detial in my next design.. so I hope you enjoy :)

Watch this

i like it


It looks like it crashed by the side of the runway.

I think the idea, but it would work better if it were obviously in the air.

Unless that's not what you wanted...


Like the image, not the text.


I think maybe the text should be smaller, and not black.
Maybe more like the colors that are already in the image.

oh shnapple tree

That is awesome.
I would most definatly buy it.


uh were the arrow buttons at the top supposed to do anything?

something about the perspective kinda bugs me. i like the concept but i agree that the airplane doesn't look like it's in the air


Uh, I don't think the text is on the shirt guys.

montmont profile pic Alumni

looks like it needs some kind of indication that it has flown from the building or something like that, to make the idea of flight stronger.


Hmm, the arrows were supposed to show a close up and 3 different colour images. Erm, what happened there? :-/

Maybe threadless removed it, or doesn't support Flash player 8 ! :D

Anyway the text isn't on the tee, and the plane is there to cover up where the run-way disapeared..

If you look at how small the people are, and how big the paper aeroplane is, I guess you can see that it is off the ground, unless you think its a massive paper aeroplane lol - which it's not.

Kurticus Maximus

I like it a lot. Perhaps a little swoosh thing from the thrower to the plane would have made it clearer, but its still very cool.


I say lift the plane up a bit, because it really, really does look like it never made it off the ground. It's a simple thing that would vastly improve the design.

Otherwise, totally awesome.


Its an interesting idea but it doesn't come off well due to the placement of everything. Coloring is good though.


just move the plane up, to me it looks like the road should be the runway and the plane isn't following it which doesn't make any sense,


Can't you guys see that the plane is bigger than the people.

I see no reason why it looks weird :-|


You're not listening to your voters here, Aaron. People are responding to the picture on the screen; you're responding to the picture in your mind, which hasn't quite come over.
The plane certainly looks bigger than the people. But it's impossible to tell whether it's a gigantic paper plane or it's flying and in the foreground though. There is nothing to indicate which of those two possibilities is correct. If the plane had an appropriately placed shadow, that would be a visual clue (you could lose the road to make room for this - the road isn't serving any purpose). Some 'whooshy movement lines' from behind the plane might also do the trick. Moving the plane up a bit would also help. All three of those ideas together would definitely get your intended idea over. Hope this helps.


Exactly what cambert said. There's no way for us to tell if it's a regular sized paper airplane floating in the sky, or a jumbo-jet sized paper airplane sitting on the ground. My first impression of the image was that it was an enormous paper airplane on the ground.

When you make images dependent on depth perception, which is lost in a 2D medium, you need to make allowances for that and find ways to compensate.

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Why is there a giant arplane parked off the road?

....See? Unclear. And odd colors. And where's the shirt?

whisper in water

I, also, thought it was a jet-sized paper airplane. I thought the cleverness of the shirt was in the fact that these people were going to board a paper airplane, y'know?
So yeah, that's why it looks weird. Follow all of the above suggestions and you'll be laughin'.


i like the paper airplane idea, but the image isn't a clear idea altogether.

also, no text.


OK, thanks all, and thanks cambert, alot. :-D


To me it doesn't look like the airplane has taken off. The idea is great.
Distressed text is so 1997!

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