• by melhel86
  • posted Jan 17, 2006

It's peanut butter jelly time.

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Every time I see the word "indigestion" the song "Interjections" from Schoolhouse Rock jumps into my head. It actually works here.


i just like the dancing fruit

Leroy_Hornblower profile pic Alumni

It wasn’t until after I submitted this design that I discovered another had already been submitted with a similar concept (newbie mistake), so I contacted Threadless to ask that they decline it, and they told me the two are dissimilar enough to not be a problem.

I just thought I’d mention that before someone gave me the skunk eye.

I’m also aware that bananas and pears aren’t what one would associate with indigestion, which is fine since the title was a last minute addition and not my original intention (I just had dancing fruit on the mind). Looking at the completed piece, and thinking what it would feel like to have something dancing in my stomach made me think of the title.

So that’s it. Enjoy.

I think it looks best in a shade of red, but what do I know?

Jazz hands

Easy Jack

I like this on the Kelly. $4

Whistler Pot Pie

I think if you ate the peel you would get indigestion. I love it. Bring on the dancing vegetables!

Doc Gratis

Well the title isn't actually on the shirt, so the lack of fruit association with indigestion is fine..

cool tee!
Kelly as the background is the best of the choices above..


I LOVE IT! 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ I hope this gets printed, I want to buy it!


I LOOOVE IT! I love how they're holding hands. And I love their little feet :D $5


I think the dancing fruit look great.

The one thing I'd recommend changing is the puddle of milk/stomach acid that they're dancing in from a straight line to a circular/oval shape to represent the surface of the puddle.

Everything else in the illustration is somewhat 3 dimensional, and the puddle is flat.


ahaha cuteee $5 :]
oh, and orange pleeassee.


haha i love it. i love dancing bananas or anything to do with bananas they're a funny fruit. $5


this is fabulous! I think it would be cool on orange. Actually it works best on red, but there are many red shirts, and green would be best, but the clashes with the pear. So... orange! :)


better on green t-shirt


kelly green looks best. that's just to funny.


Print it and I'll buy it
Kelly green!


Like the can can kicks, held hands and music notes. I do think the "milk" needs some depth, the fruit need to be (or seem) larger, and while that is probably a good aproximation of where the stomach is we associate it being lower though I don't know if that would make it more a-peel-ing ( I'm so sorry, I had to... I'll goes wash my hands off with soap now).


i think text should go on the shirt. image is only half the joke.


I just like the dancing fruit.


Excellent. Pure Genius!

Leroy_Hornblower profile pic Alumni

Thank you for all the comments and suggestions.

I agree that the stomach juices should be three-dimensional. That can be corrected easily. Making the fruit bigger, however, is a little trickier. The shape of the stomach limits what I can put inside it. But I’m sure it can be adjusted some.


can we have the dancing fruit sans stomach?
I love them alot.

If you insist on the stomach, I also don't think that's where my stomach is, if you want it to be in a normal tshirt place, then move it up. If you want it to be where your stomach is, down and to the left I believe.


hahaha. omg i love this. *


I really just wish you had the dancing fruit and not in the stomach


okay i love the little fruits and i would buy them if they werent in a stomach. stomachs are gross. but if it were the fruits doing something else i would have to have it.


this is great... 1 uv the best ive seen


Seems to work best on red.


Move it to where the stomach actually is instead of being right in the middle of the chest $4


I'd put the design lower... just for the composition, being in the middle is a bit boring.

Awesome however, I'd definitely buy it. 5


best in green, put the design lower.


mmkay, that's good.
colour: orange or kelly green

nice job.


This idea sucks....... why are they so joyous?

Indegestion is emo.... shouldnt it have been on black with sad faces?



The pear is so cute! :D

Super Loaf

Yea I submitted this idea a few weeks ago, but I like the way you pulled it off nonetheless


I am fructose intolerant, so when I eat pears & bananas...I do feel bad. So, I like this shirt!


I am left feeling elated, and fruit rarely does that. I would live life happier knowing this was in my closet. Whee...


Dancing fruit is so cool. I like orange the best. I need an orange shirt. It's so happy


hahha.. cute :) 5



some idiot ate a whole banana, peel and all.

really, though, it's cute.

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