• by Stefdem
  • posted Jan 16, 2006

Made with several parts found on the web. Hope it will please you.

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I like the design, but id really like to see it on a black shirt, and have that little bit of splatter be orange or white. the placement could be a little higher up on the shirt also, and just a bit bigger.


I agree with xiv about the black shirt thing. I just don't like this on the current colour.


I don't think you need the splatter or the sun. This is a very cool design, but I agree with the bad shirt color suggestions.


I KINDA like it on the grey....is there a slightly darker grey?



you gotta dig those chinese communist engines 4


this would be great for my friend that's a asian mechanical engineer.
not a 5 in my book but a $ none the less for my buddy! :D
not sure if i like the shirt colour though... gotta see the print

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nice use of the hydro74 engine.


move the placement up a little bit and get rid of the guy and the sun

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bit bigger, better shirt colour, and maybe redraw it yourself. i was very dissapointed to read that it was pieced together from exiisting art because it's a really cool image.


looks good, i dont like the sun lines around the hammer though. kinda tired of centered designs too...


I love it. I like the shirt color too. But it does need to be placed a tad higher.


bigger and in the bottom right corner, possibly crossing to back side.
No cuts though it is completely perfect just needs new position. 5


bigger is better, don't let your girlfriend tell you lies.



5$ but move the logo to the bottom corner


this would be cool on olive green
$5 in diff color

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did I inspire this?


interesting but too confusing


ptdr, salut stefdem, je vois que tu places tes visus sur ce site aussi... ;-)
Je fais la même chose mais avec les visus dont la fraise ne veut pas, plus ouvert les ricains.... à mon avis ! enfin je dis ça, ;-), je viens de réaliser que c'est toi qui avait fait ce visu... a+ Arf


Vu que sur lafraise ce visu s'est fait descendre, je n'ai pas attendu pour lui donner une chance ici
vu le score, il est clair que les ricains n'ont pas les mêmes goûts


ouais de toute façon sur lafraise, c'est n'importe koi, plus ça va plus je trouve qu'ils ont des goûts de chiottes... bon je fais parti de ceux qu'il l'ont un peu descendu mais juste sur le fait que tu ai repris un template illustrator, sinon visuellement, je trouve ça plutôt pas mal.... enfin bref...


I recognize some of it.

deer road

Really dig the illustration on this one.


interesting man. I like, I like, 5 bucks.


........very good.....why you are using a engine block of hydro74???'?????????????????????????????????


I use the Hydro74 engine without knowing that it's his work.
I asked him about it.
Here is his answer :
"It was a piece I cleaned up and streamlined (converted over to
vector) a while back. It was meant to be a element in some designs that I
just ended up putting on my site as a download."
So, I'm not proud to use other work but in this case, it's already someone else work that Hydro74 used.
Design is a perpetual reinvention with multiple parts and miscellanous inspirations.


alot to take in, but nice none the less.


Ya a little complicated and the coloring could use work but great idea overall and well put together.


i think that with all the coloring, its really hard to understand whats going on, but if things were changed, it'd be better


it would look cool on a grey shirt or even black. its cool on its original color, just kinda hard to see. 4


def $5 if you finessed the colours and size a bit.

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neat but i think it's kinda busy.

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