Freeze Global Warming

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great concept, not sure if tshirt is best medium. maybe pitch it to eco websites as an ad?


Intentions are good, spelling is not. ;P
T-shirts may not be the BEST medium, but... it still works. My single venting of the inner econofreak. I'll just have to wait til the seven day deliberation passes to see how it fairs with the masses of indie hipsters.
Thanks for the thought about the econosites. : )


where's the 3rd cub?


i like it a lot...but it does sort of come off as a walking advertisement for some eco organization's ad campaign...


It died.
Climate change due to global warming is the number one threat to the world's population of polar bears, and is beginning to drive them towards extinction.
Yaaay doesn't everyone love this warm winter we're having. :\<br />
...yeah I still consider t-shirts to be walking advertisements anyways, so. I guess it was meant to, really.


I like this, and it's very important to be aware of the world around us and our effects on it, but this shirt really should be benefitting an organization or a fund. To just have the shirt but not have it sponsor something is not going to do much.


Yep, global warming sucks. Pretty much everybody agrees with you there. So? If you're making a preachy shirt design, at least give some useful information about how people can make a difference.

The Captain of Awesome

Polar Bears suck, and Global Warming isn't real.

Keep Lolitics of Threadless.


i feel there are too many of that exact same cut 'n' paste bear populating this shirt, and if a couple of 'em died off, it would probably be for the better.


Stupid tree hugers


there are only two cubs...but i like it a lot


Get rid of the text, except for the phrase "put global warming on ice". Then it would be perfect.


It's a good idea but I think the execution is slightly lacking. There's too much to read to understand the shirt, and for a shirt that is intended to communicate an important message you want people to both be interested and understand quickly what it is you are trying to say.

That you have to have a before and after illustration is probably the biggest weakness. There is a logo for a bereaved parents organization that uses an obviously similar theme ( ) but to much greater effect.

I'm not recommending you copy or mimic that design, but I refer to it as a reference for a similar message communicated in one image without text.


theres no such thing as global warming. This is a phase that the earth goes through every thousands of years. This isn't the first time its happened so you getting a big old 0.

whisper in water

I'm just finding it amusing to see people repeatedly asking where the third cub is...
As far as the shirt, I agree with everyone else. I'd feel stupid wearing a shirt that said "Put Global Warming on ice" when the money I paid for the shirt didn't go toward that cause. I also tend to be skeptical about the whole global warming issue... All in all, this shirt is a "no."

Dum Luck

yeah...there's only 2 cubs in the first place.


I thought the whole point was "she had 3 cubs last year" and this year she has two, then next year it will only be one, etc etc.


jadesin is right.


>jett, at 10:02pm on Jan 23, 2006
>i feel there are too many of that exact same cut 'n' paste bear >populating this shirt

>mushhead, at 2:42am on Jan 24, 2006
>Get rid of the text, except for the phrase "put global warming on ice".

combine these two ideas, and you'd have a much much better design. the polar bear drawing is nice, but the copy/paste effect really hurts the aesthetic feel. secondly, it is way too wordy. people will understand the outline means the second cub is gone, and with the "put global warming on ice" comment they'll understand why it is gone. the rest is just unecessary and makes the shirt too complicated.




Better w/o text.


i wouldn't. unless all polar bears look the same and walk around perfectly synchronized. i agree with kevinwells (who is agreeing with others) that the idea could definitely be taken further with better art.


Would be alot funnier if there was nothing on the back. The front design kills me!!! I was laughing my ass off. I would buy this shirt if the back was blank.


i like it. i dont like the font though.


well i dont think its funny at all and i am not even sure if its supposed to be funny
it only gives me a bad feeling
oh no the poor nature and the situation is so bad
cry cry little polar bear
hey they are making commercials with coca cola so they only deserve it
stupid bears
no seriously it seems like this is nothing but a PETA ad so I wouldnt buy it


global warming is a farse used by radical environmentalists to keep us in fear and keep them in a job. they're less like scientists and more like politicians.


it's got good intentions, but it's no good for a tshirt


hyphen812,: this shirt really should be benefitting an organization or a fund. To just have the shirt but not have it sponsor something is not going to do much.

^maybe you should sell this idea to some sorta org. who's gonna give money towards this cause... and you should put some info on how we culd prevent it



"global warming is a farse used by radical environmentalists to keep us in fear and keep them in a job. they're less like scientists and more like politicians."

Thickblueink that is the most platently stupid piece of propaganda ive ever heard!!!!! who told you that!!!

oh and this shirt is not getting the message across clearly at all. good message though


Nice intentions, but as usual: My boobs aren't zoned for advertising--this is just my opinion, and I'm sure others don't share it.

Green party preaching aside, I'm not so sure if the image is t-shirt quality. That font was not a good choice for this design; in my opinion, it makes it look unprofessional--like something you'd get made up for your senior class at the local t-shirt store. Also, just sizing down the exact same polar bear and copy pasting it looks kinda ehn, too. Honestly, it leads me to believe that the polar bear may just be clip art. The design itself looks like it took five to ten minutes to create.

Elias 18

Global warming isn't exactly a farse. See, it exists in the sense that it happens every few thousand years or so, but the point is that man can affect it only so much. We certainly are not the main cause of global warming, and there is nothing we can do to "stop" it. Not that we're helping.....I like the idea of the shirt though: Less words and no outline would be best.


I like the idea. =)


very sad...i like the idea but not for threadless.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Cut. Paste. Resize. Apply bad type.

I like the message, but as a bajillion people stated about...this design is not there.


Not a big fan of overt politics in clothing, one way or the other.



I like it, but it's rather sad and depressing. I'm not sure if that sort of politics are what's right for threadless. Although I do agree with you


Global Warming is what makes the cold months of winter in New England bearable.

Ha. I made a funny.

It's cute, although I'd change the font. 2.


dont press your agendas on my shirts...


i live in alaska . and it is cold here. maybe not in 100 years, but i can vouch for Now... and I really have not seen ANY information about global warming threatening polar bears, would you please give some links to verify that statement?

Whole Grains

eeep!! Might look better if pandas had more originality, not stamped on.


i live in canadaand it just starting to snow. i <3 global warming until karma becomes a bitch and drowns my entire country with melted ice caps
: /

asher27 profile pic Alumni

for everyone saying global warming is a myth and blah blah blah.... look at the evidence thats been given so far... mind you, i was also quite skeptical of the idea, even more so when it became a political issue for both sides....

just looking at the graphs and the pictures is enough to understand that global warming is definitely not a myth.... while it might not be 100% correct, its in our best interest as humans to at least do our best to curb our influence over the temperature of the earth...

as for the shirt, i like the message, but the artwork could definitely be worked on and the type could be changed.... i like the type though, it gives it that 'scientific' feel towards it... but i see my opinion is in the minority. and definitely dont do a cut and paste, ive done it and it kills your score and the artwork overall.

also, i think this is definitely a really good idea, if it doesnt succeed here maybe try selling the idea to environmental groups as a t shirt design.... threadless doesnt usually print anything political in either direction.

oh, i gave it a 3.

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