Go Figure

  • by Keano
  • posted Jan 14, 2006

Let me know your thoughts folks

Watch this

Wow, this is a fantastic design, love the colours too.


Oh wow, I love those things, but to have a big one on my chest unfinished all the time would not be fun for me. Sweet design. 4


ditch the square on the lower right and I'd buy


yeah, no square


So where do you suggest the finish puzzle be placed guys? The whole point of placing it at the bottom of the shirt is because it isn't in the eye line. Or are you saying no solution to the puzzle at all?


Yeah Keano, I don't think you need it solved. It works as-is, without the corner solution.

instant pleasure

Yeah, definitely no solution those who know will instantly get it.


i think itd be better without the solved one, let people puzzle over it (har)

staffell profile pic Alumni

much better without solved one...oh snap^ :D


Yeah, but alot of people don't know what threadless is and they'd be like "what's it supposed to be?"
I'd put it on the back though
I love those things! they're so fun, used to get them at arcades and places like Chuck E. Cheese


Put it on the back shoulder. And I'll buy twelve.


Put the solved puzzle on the back


maybe the finished one could be on a sleeve?

Really neat idea ~5


I like it the way it is. 5


I think I'm a tad too OCD to walk around with an unfinished puzzle on my chest. It's making me uncomfortable now, I want to fix it.


I like it best without a solved puzzle on there. But i do like it! If you do keep the solved puzzle, i would put it on the back of the shirt.


Love it! But I was gonna suggest pretty much what everyone else has said - put the solved one on the back. But I'd be tempted to keep it the same size as the unsolved front mage. So you can alternate between now you see it', now you don't!


more threadless kiss up buttfuckery. GET A NEW IDEA. DON'T INCORPORATE THE THREADLESS LOGO. RUN WITH IT.


Tell you what pal, design a t-shirt, so we can all see what you can do.


love it as is $5


awesome design! but I agree the finished puzzle should go on the back- it's a little awkward on the bottom. 5 for creativity. I love those games.


Yeah, remove that solved puzzle, or at least put it where it can't be seen with the unsolved one. Perhaps a bit suck-up, but nice idea nonetheless. :)


cool. but i don't like shirts that say threadless.

maybe i'd consider it if it didn't have the completed design in the corner. probably not though.

but the idea is great.


I love it, sans solution.


I like it without the solution as well...or if you feel like you really have to include it, put it on the back? shrugs 5!

Das Hans

Not into wearing logos. That's what I dig about the other Tshirts here.

Michael Byrne

I think this concept would lend itself to other kinds of slogans or images, rather than just 'Threadless' . There are endless ways you could play with the idea of an enigmatic message revealed in the solved puzzle.

Placing the solution on the back would increase production cost, but might be a good compromise between those who feel it's necessary and those who find it distracting.


If you could put the solution at the back, I'd suggest that. But I'm not sure if anything can be printed on the back, so bottom right corner is fine with me (:



i looooove this so much. def. have the solved puzzle on it, somewhere. personally i lik it as is, but putting the solved one on the sleeve or back would work too...


make the unsolved puzzle a little less subtle, (perhaps have it partly solved) and ditch the lower right one all together

sweet concept!


yeah i'd say get rid of the solution, and it's awesome.


Solution on a sleeve on between the shoulder blades?


I agree it's better without the solution, but it's really cool.


Good idea, but no free advertising -- for anyone.


lol I love this, I have so many OCD friends, they'd kill me because they can't fix it...in fact I'd probably kill myself (not literally) but yeah put the solution more on the hip or ont he back and it'd be better


i love this. the idea is great, and i love how you're putting a solution. i think it would look best on the sleeve...but that's just me. 5$

lenaaa xp

woaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! cool. (:

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