Octopus Attack

  • by LFF1127
  • posted Jan 10, 2006

This is my first one of these so I hope I did this right haha. We'll see...!

Watch this

you did! this is neat. i like it on the black and the greyish color because i am boring, heh.


my god i LOVE this art style 5$

The Captain of Awesome

Oh yeah baby.

This is hitting my buttons all the right ways.

It needs to be bigger and with more detail.

And on Khaki.


if it was placed at the botttom i think it would kick ass <aka5$>, as is a 3$


Love it with different eyes on the octopus




Regular Octo eyes is my only complaint on this. I love this though. :)


I really like radation symbols on the octopus! If they're supposed to be eyes, then I feel like they should be placed differently but if they're just the symbols then it's perfect. Great job!


Great style-- but... I don't get the radiation warnings on the octopus.


I really love it but I think there should be only one radiation symbol (the one coser to the top) and it should be bigger.


$5 on light blue


i like this a whole lot on red and black. 5$
maybe the eyes could be changed a little


I'd love this on the red/brown or grey. I really like it, in fact it's the reason I joined the site :P I'm not a fan of the radiation symbols though, I get the reference but they look a bit odd. I think give it normal eyes or just have it as a side view of the octopus with one symbol, higher up.

Doc Gratis

The more I look at ti the more i agree, that radation symbols need to be placed not to look like eyes. (either give dots as eyes (maybee with the lighter orange-yellow) or just move them not to be aligned)

Its stange looking at them as eyes.


word word word i love this. Go gray or brown, i love it. But get rid of whatever the rectangly thing in the bottom right of the design is. Or make it more like the buildings in the background.


leave out the radioactive eyes... leave out the eyes altogether and it'd be awesome!!!!


clever. but i dont really like the statue of liberty being there.


octopus, NY, hearts, pandas, penguins, me, puking.


I would sort of prefer it without the eyes/radiation symbols, but you know.

Also, grey, greyish blue, black and purple. Because that really narrows it down.


This looks awesome, especially since it is a first design! Congrats!


Id sell a portion of my soul to see that.
Lovely lil one.


maybe you chould of made it bigger and on the bottom, then ill call it a 5


Yay--a new creature for Godzilla to fight! I can't decide which color looks best, though--any but black or yellow, I guess.


Could the octopus be any color other than white? Otherwise quite cool.

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