I Am Not Your Billboard

This is kind of my response to corporate america making us pay them to advertise their brands and products.

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She Says So

your response is to confuse and give a migrain?


yea, my eyes want to explode


You don't HAVE to buy their t-shirts you know. I don't.

By the way, what does it say anyway!? I've been trying to decipher it but no luck.


It says " i am not your billboard" duh:) great idea but graffiti is hard for some to read, i like it anyway


Thanks Phoenixfire521 yes it does indeed say "I Am Not Your Billboard". I was going for something that was legible after you knew what it said just as a contrast to all of those plain printed corporate logos that we wear on all parts of our body.


i couldn't read that at all


If you know (or have a guess) what it says, you can read it just fine.

Tom Fucking Cruise

Absolutely illegible, but the colors are good. Go rent my new movie War of The Worlds!


Great use of type as art, but it's just not legible as text, especially considering, when on a tee, most people get 5-10 seconds to take in the design. It took me about 3 minutes to decipher each letter, personally.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

i was able to read it in a few seconds, but i guess knowing that it said i am not your billboard ahead of time helped.

a lot of skill there, i like the colors too. im having a bit of trouble reading whats below the shirt though... bloody___ and something else...


asher27 I actually did versions of my user name BloodyMidget and also a Revolution loves Threadless. I can put larger versions up in my profile when I get off of work if you want.


the logo at the bottom left is cooler that the logo on the shirt.


EDIT: I mean bottom right.


I actually really like this.


spray cans in flight!
taggers delight!

not my kinda thing.


it hurt my head trying to read it. and im not a graffiti person. too 'ghetto.'



the concept is great, but my head hurts when i try to read it. do something with the idea...just not that.


Good idea but I think it would be classified on the street as "weak".

laura elizabeth

nice concept but not the execution. too illegible.


It's not easy to read, but I think the overall effect is cool.


For Asher27 and Mahadeva i went ahead and posted a more upclose look at the revolution graphic that is in the bottom right corner. It is in my profile in the latest blog...


I actually like this. A lot of the brand names do have these kinds of illegible things going on sometimes... and I like the style you have.


I always felt that a graphic design should be clear and identifiable. I personally can not understand the message of this design. Is it possible to redesign it so that it may be read a little easier?


i just think it looks cool.


i like the idea. i dont buy shirts and things that have the brand name really huge because thats just dumb. but i had no idea what that said until i read the title. maybe try again?


cool but not for me..still very cool though


nice idea...but a lil weird


i love. who cares you can't read it. i love when people get confused... it's their fault if they don't ask. we shouldn't just make everything so simple for the people in this world. great idea!!!!


I love the message but the text is impossible to read, so it's rather lost.


Fantastic typo. Not so sure on the message.
Not that I disagree I'm just not into political clothing.
I'd rather wear the Bloody Midget logo.


They're right, redo this please becasue I adore the idea, I just hate the execution, maybe just big block letters...on a billborad...


ok...I saw just a bunch of lines swirled around eachother until I read the title...and if you don't want to be their billboard then don't buy the shirt...I mean it's your 15 bucks...horrible design.


I find it interesting that you've replaced corporate tagging with equally prolific street tagging as the better alternative.


If someone actually wanted to wear a graffiti shirt, they could go to plenty of places to get one better than this. Leave the graffiti style to people who actually write graffiti. That's seriously one of my pet peeves.

For example: whoever at EA games decided to use that pathetic attempt at a graffiti style logo for the cover of the NBA Street video games.

As someone who is deeply involved and interested in graffiti as an artform, it's almost insulting to see people try to scribble something down and try to pass it off as "graffiti" just because letters are linked and looped together and it's hard to read. There are people who spend years trying to master a certain style and establish themselves as legitimate gallery artists based on their graffiti background.

I understand the fact that the artist stated in his profile that he's not a graffiti writer, and that he's not really trying to pass this off as legitimate, so this is more of a general rant than it is specifically directed at him. Like I said, it's just one of my pet peeves.


To: emochristiankid777
There is not really much on your profile so I cannot really speak to your experience other than you have only been a member for one day and actually have not scored anything. Not saying that this is an awesome design or anything but generally speaking you should not just go and call something horrible without any specific reason or some kind of authority ie experience, or tenure on your side. If you are fine with being a billboard that pays a faceless corporation to advertise their product or brand in attempt to make yourself cooler just by association then go ahead, it is your $15.

To: little_hobbit_feet
That is an interesting perspective that i did not really consider since I was not totally going for any particular street tagging style. I personally would just rather wear something that is a little bit more interesting than some version of just do it. If there were places that I could buy shirts sporting actual graffiti artists work then I would certainly sport them whenever possible.

To: derelix408
I appreciate what you are saying. Graffiti is simply something that has interested me and this is simply something that I thought would contrast to a corporate logo. Again not saying that this is graffiti, if everyone would rather call it a doodle than go ahead that is fine by me.


Well I like it.

In fact, if it was more illegible, meaning that it would require saying "It says 'i am not your billboard'" then it would be even better.

You are quite the doodler ;)


i like it. i could read it when i saw it.


if the message was clearer this would be brilliant i love the concept though


I agree with the "I am not your billboard" sentiment. I've often people watched and seen people in name brand clothing that is just garish. I think to myself, do you have some personal connection to the faceless corporate giant who is emblazoned across your chest? Are their garments quality? I blame it on these people being sheep. But regardless of that, this design is pretty terrible. A statement nobody understands is a statement not worth making. You may as well start yelling at the deaf.

Great concept, horrible design. 2/5


Since when does one absolutely NEED their shirt to make a statement? can you not just appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of this design. whether or not a person can read the statement, it's a friggin shirt, NOT A BILLBOARD...GOSH.........
Keep up the good work BloodyMidget


i agree with what the shirt says. but it doesn't need to be put on a shirt. at least i don't think.


i like the concept, which is why i think it would be better if it were easier to read.


can't read.. moving on.

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