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Feeling Inspired to do some Tees Design. Hope it will get some good reviews and enjoy the humor.

Watch this

Haha! Like the concept. Hmm.. if the legs didn't just stop so abrubtly this might have been a buy. 4.

Dum Luck

I'd wear on a diff color, it's cool.


copys half-life a little to much but yes i'd buy it


reminds me too much of alien sci-fi stuff. I like the guy though alot.


Aliens = copyrighted material. The "face hugger" is the "intellectual property" of 20th Century Fox. A lot of copyrighted entries are popping up, the Threadless folks should read their own legal disclaimer.


I likey alot.


that is cool...i like it alot


tweibel, WTF? aliens are not copyrihgted material, thats like saying penguins are because they made a movie abiout them once. not EVERYTHING is copyrighted, and everyone needs to stop complaining. if it is something thats copyrighted 1) do you give a shit? and 2) threadless wont print it, so you jjts vote on it if you like it


"Like a face-full of alien wingwang."

The Captain of Awesome

b-rent - Alien, dumbass. That's a face hugger, not a headcrab.

WallsReallyWork- 20th Century Fox didn't DESIGN penguins, and therefor can't call them their own. However, they did invent the facehugger, and it exlcusively belongs to them.

Deign- It's ok. It could be better.


Thanks Captain. WRW, check out this site:

Look at the photo gallery and check out Fox copyrighted pics of facehuggers. No, penguins aren't copyrighted, but give Disney a few years I'm sure they'll figure out something. I give a shit because it's in the Threadless legal disclaimer (which they have not followed themselves on a few recent submissions). And while we're at it, what is it about my name that makes people dyslexic? i-e not e-i...


i liek it, but maybe do something to have the legs not just...stop. you could do it pixel fading away (not sure what the effect is actually called, but u know the dots like in old comic books?)


it's not an alien, it's an octopus, silly.


no one catch the pun to the title? For shame...


Oh, we catch the pun. It's just been done before, that's all.


I was going to say it reminds me of Alien. I think Threadless themselves can decide on if this would cause a problem with copyrights without other people having to say anything. I don't like how the likes cut off, either. Looks good though, otherwise.


That's just plain hilarious.


Dudes and dudettes, yes 20th century has their little copyright but you are also forgetting the man who holds the main copyright, H.R. Giger himself.

Jonny Whishbone

I didn´t knew that H.R. Giger or FOX has copyrigths on octopus! I raly love that OCTOPUS-Design...


One should point out that Threadless did print 'Obi Wan Kerisst' and 'Dark Side Of The Garden' which have definate references to 'Starwars', also 'Dad?' which has a picture of the 'KFC Dude'. If the people want it Threadless will go out of their way to get the rights. I will not however be purchasing this tee even if it gets printed because I like others believe this should not be done anyway. The whole point of this community is to be 100% original.

the contorted ram

meh.... cube has a good point. but this design is pretty cool.....and i have no clue of the reference its making.... so 4 :]

The Captain of Awesome

Cube doesn't have a point. Threadless doesn't have right to starwars or the KFC. Thye just havn't been sued yet.

Parody is covered in trademark, but you can call me back when you find parody in this.


HAHAH totally awesome... facful of alien wingwang


i agree with previous posts - threadless has had alot of what could be copyrighted materail posted lately - i am surprised that it gets past the submission acception process based on their own rules stated - just my 2 cents -

oh btw cool design!

tesko profile pic Alumni

everyone in this thread is an idiot. you do not understand how parody effects the use of copyrighted material. at least google search a subject before you start spouting opinions on it


Whenever Weird Al parodies a song, he needs the permission of the original artist first. However, I don;t this one counts as parody. It;s kinf sick, actually (except for the title which is kind of funny in a wah-pedal kind of way).


groundcontrol, are you hungover? Get a spellchecker! ;)

The Captain of Awesome

Groundcontrol- WRONG. Weird Al asks permission out of politness and caring about other artists work. You do NOTR need permission for parody, ghowever, as I said before and you reiterated, this barely constitutes parody.


Parody is not copyright infringement. Not sure if this would be construed as parody though, it's not like the design has the facehugger doing anything different.

As far as song parodies go, I believe the only problem comes about if exactly the same music is used. That's why when tv shows like the simpsons spoof anything (e.g. the james bond, nightrider themes), they're always subtly different.


the title is so hilarious

oh mannnnnnnnnnn

you get a 5 budddy


ok SOOOO weird i recently made a tshirt design LOTS like this for a school contest....mine was based on the Herb Ritts photo of Djimon, anybody know that one. This reminds me of it


Dude I fully support this one! I am even posting it into my journal on DeviantArt to get you some more votes! WE NEED THIS ONE MAID!!!


I like it.

Also, Weird Al does not /need/ permission to do parodies, he asks for it because he's a nice guy and he's made this point clear numerous times.


This reminds me of that Buffy episode, in like season 2 or 3, where these things stuck to the back of your neck and controlled your thoughts.


looks like my world history teacher.

nicely done.


SCORE! love it.


It looks like a cuddlefish suffocating a scientist. I love it. 5 and a buy.


yo actionjack, i must say this is a pretty sweet design, but it definitely is a facehugger, despite what many other people is not an octopus, it is not a buffy reference, it is not your history teacher...its a facehugger, through and through. while ALIEN is a sweet ass movie, this shirt does not appear to be a parody of it, and probably should not be here.

Anyway, the style is pretty sweet, and i'd really like it if the facehugger were actually replaced with an octopus or squid, or how about a cuttlefish? I dunno, just a few suggestions.

also, the title is a bit juvenile and not that funny. although, the facehugger's mouth bits in Alien VS. Predator looked waaaaaaaay too much like a vagina. Horrible movie though.


funny design, but too large, if it was about 1/3rd of the size, and centred on the shirt, i might wear it, but not as it is now. 3

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