Which came first?

This is my first submission. Let me know what you think. I think the site is great and I look forward to participating.

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steven218 profile pic Alumni

yup - lose the text.

otherwise 4$

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the comments. I wasn't sure if anyone would get it without the text. I prefer it without the text also. Is there a way to update the submission?


thats disgusting, not something i think this site usually does. it is a good illy, but i say nay


Same idea with the people, NO TEXT ! But, its nice illustrations!!


Ha that made me laugh I love the eggs expression.


not original (have seen the hen/egg in bed before) but i like the style.


As much as I hate how trendy it is on this site to say "lose the text," I have to agree that this illustration stands on its own. "lose the text" and it's a 5$. Right now it's a 4.

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni





I just got it.

Oh, gosh.


Uhm...kinda incestuous, don't you think?


ditto. Lose the text and you've got a wiener. I mean winner.


is that yolk on the chickens face? i think the egg needs to visit the doctor.....

stickymike profile pic Alumni

Ive seen this before a couple times, but this is the best i have seen it illustrated, but yeh, theres no need for text


saying no text would be redundant at this point. Great illustration, I think it is sweet...lets all not forget that they did print afternoon delight...


Cool idea! Look at that egg man.... he looks scared stiff!!!!! fnar fnar!


I think this means fatty you need to lose the text great idea and artwork look foward to more

psssst i like your choice of colours too!!!

whisper in water

" dmenkes, at 1:29pm on Jan 5, 2006
Uhm...kinda incestuous, don't you think? "

Only if that egg was laid by that particular chicken.


Very funny- definitely better sans text. And who cares if the concept isn't entirely original (i.e. someone, somewhere has made a "came" joke about chickens and eggs)? Do you own it? If not, and you like it, then print the shirt.





Laughed out loud.

I just LOL'd.

I needed to confess.

no one impotant

oh man thats good and i like the text

asher27 profile pic Alumni

the bed came first.

im not so sure about the text... maybe original font or none at all?


Haha. Love this!
I'd get rid of the text though.

The Captain of Awesome

I saw this but a few days ago in a Spencers.

Exact same, except the illustration. The spencers version had a pictorial of an egg sodomizing a chicken.

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the comments everyone. I have never seen artwork for this before, but I always hear jokes about it. I was sure it had been done somewhere before, just thought I'd put my own spin on it.


hilarious...love it!!!


"exact same, except the illustration"???? in a illustration contest, that would mean "different", wouldn't it?

if we discarded all the old jokes/ideas that our posted, we wouldn't know what to do with our free time. "that's a zombie eating human parts! exactly the same as that other shirt" or "that's a sensitive young girl, suffering, exactly the same as that other shirt" or "see -- the robot has a broken heart, just like the other shirt"....

"exact same, except the illustration." geez.

king slug

KEEP THE TEXT!!! i'm not sure if it was meant that way or if it's my dirty mind, but which CAME first. with the chicken and the egg laying in bed. get it!?! which CAME first!! ahahahaha that's funny $5


fix the alignment on the lettering. i feel it should also be in perspective. right now. im getting a woozle wazzle in my innards. fix. 5


i love it.


played. so fucking played. this has been done on a shirt. perhaps not at threadless, but it has been done. knock it off. it is weak.

Drip Co

Lose the text, love the concept and illustration, I think the design would stand out more on a lighter or cooler color shirt instead of the warmer red.


good artwork, but completely unoriginal


ha ha. i would feel gross wearing this.


clever.. but i'd too feel dirty wearing it. in a baaaad way.
4 for design.


oh my gosh.. i've seen this concept everywhere...
even Spencers........

i dont shop at Spencers.. but still..


this gets a 1 for the illustration...


hahah i like this! i think the text is needed though


I'm not sure if anyone has pointed this out, but the text is secretly dirty. Which is why I originally thought the text was included to begin with. It appears that may not have been the case.


yeah yeah yeah, lose the text, or change it to who came first.
and the answer is clearly NOT the egg. poor egg.


it makes me laugh, but i bought my friend a shirt from spencers that was basically the same thing, only it said "who came first" and had the chicken actually doing the egg.

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