Hurple Parts

  • by RKTR
  • posted Jan 01, 2006

Putting this together I was looking for an ironic sort of iconography for the current state of affairs. I thought the idea of being awarded for getting hurt with something (ie a purple hear) and then breaking it was weirdly amusing. But Its also just about day to day heartache and the \\"stripes\\" we earn navigating love life.

Watch this

i really like this one.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

nice design but I'm praying for the day drips stop in designs these days


good design, but the metal should be on the right shoulder I think...


yep, metals are worn in the right if looking at shirt - if you're wearing the shirt, it would be on your left shoulder


Go DC!


Agreed, Drips often are a design crutch, but at the same time there can be cool minor variations on them. Also, they need to mean something. In this case I think they do cause its like, "thanks for the putrid medallion".


Why's the DC flag dripping?
We're really not all that wet, I assure you.


I like it a lot. It's much more of a "design," rather than just some funny cartoon picture

asher27 profile pic Alumni

a heart i like!
holy crap!

thats almost like accomplishing the impossible...

4 cause something feels odd with this shirt, cant place my finger on it.


i agree with the above, put on other side, this is the best fucking heart shirt ive ever seen. any thing other than white? sorry. other than that $4!!1 (where does the DC flag go on the shirt?)


I think this will work as heather kahki and sagestone.


i agree with tricksleeves

this is a proper design not some goofy cartoon illustration

well done


pastio mcduff

it's "medals"

i think this i a great design (but agree with "no-drips')
one of the best on threadless

the sketchy area is that there are actual men and women out there who took a bullet or a bomb or whatever and got a purple heart.
if you ask them more often than not they will tell you it's not a medal anyone wants to receive and it's sort of insulting wearing something that looks like a purple heart when you're just some schmo that bought a shirt online...

just my 2 cents


Speaking as someone who is probably taking this shirt too seriously, I have family members who actually earned a purple heart, and to wear one on a shirt would to me, seem a little like cheapening their sacrifice.

So, not for me, at all. Sorry, it's a good design, but it just makes me kind of cringe.


this reminds me of wedding crashers. they had cut-out purple hearts on their website but they had to take it off because people were wearing them and getting in trouble.

so anyways. i like it. $5.


Regarding men and women in service: the last thing I would ever do is mock them. If this image meant anything political it would be "come home safe".

There really isnt much humor here. Just the brain adding flourishes to the world as it goes to sleep.


I have to agree with the mocking aspect. I believe that it's unintentional, but the feeling's there, nonetheless.


I like it alot, except the strange thing near the bottom of the heart. if it was connected, it would be better.


Go DC (no taxation without reperesentation). -$4


A medal goes on the left side if u were to change it id buy it but if not no chance


I'm liking this a lot, v professional, but where on the T Shirt doe sthe part that looks like stars+stripes go? On the back?


The wheat and stripes thing is for the back collar- I agree its confusing. I also have no idea what people are saying about DC, haha.

pastio mcduff

i never thought it was mocking...
it's just a very touchy subject.
you will be surprised how emotional people will get.
whether you want it to be or not it is VERY political in these times.

i think it's a great design... just not the greatest subject matter for a t-shirt. make it a poster and donate the proceeds to the nearest veterans association. then you WILL be supporting the troops.

ps. if you're not appalled by our present situation... you haven't been paying attention


being from a military family, this is touching. i don't find this mocking at all really 04


Lose the drips and it's a 5$. I like it.


Actually I submitted this to a "bring them home" type organization. But really this is about having my ass dumped.

Losing the drips. Thank you.


Totally dig the artwork, 5.
Wouldn't wear it, don't care for the design as clothing...
But I work at Abercrombie, so what the hell to I know, F' me!
But nice.


Oh, and the crack could stand out a little more.
Especially if it were on a shirt.


I actually like the drips, but too fond of white. Maybe a gray or something? Love the art/design though $4


hi. man, I need some of your work. drop me an msn

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