Lone Cow

  • by Sly Devil
  • posted Jan 01, 2006

And boy are they delicious...

Watch this

(only after they get the cheese squeezed out of them)

zipperking profile pic Alumni

i have to agree with you dyno, i have seen this before


Next week on Threadless: Sad cow confessing its lactose intolerance!


if were not supposed to eat animals then why are they made out of meat?


the cow looks kind of like a lamb. and also, it feels like you didn't consider the speech bubble when you were composing it--like that it would be centered without it.

Sly Devil

Yes, I've used this image before, but I think the message is more understandable this time.


Fuck them. The new text sends a very different message. I think it's a huge change.

I went from hating it the first time, to loving it now.

5 & $

asher27 profile pic Alumni

ive seen this image, minus the text.
the exact image.
i will find it, because im like 99% positive this was stolen.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

oh duh.
im sorry.
i take that back, thats your artwork :)

still dont like it though... any text doesnt help, the drawing is nice but i dont think it will work on its own.



i have seen this, i'm sure


Awwww :'(
I'm vegan, I'd definilty wear it!


the vegitarian one is soo much better. sooooo much better.


i definitely like this'n better.


it's way too sad for me to ever wear! I don't wanna feel depressed every time I walk past a window... or for that matter the shiny reflective windows of fast food chains! Good graphic though... 3


Makes me want to cut him up in little pieces and put him on a bun. MMMMM! Delicious lonely cow!


this shirt makes me want to cry.
it made me sad
i like it though.
diffeent color.
girls hate bland colors.

the contorted ram

awwww... cute expression... looks like a lamb though. 3


looks more like a dog or a lamb. and not all girls dislike neutrals.


it doesnt really look like a cow. so, if you change the picture a bit, id definitely buy it. much vegetarian love right there. its sad as hell that the cows friends are all being eaten. BOO!

cows are cute but burgers are yummy

when i was in utah i saw a truck full of cows heading to the meat packing company on the freeway. it was the saddest thing iv ever seen. i wish i could find the guy and throw rocks at him.

your shirt almost makes me cry.

5 and id buy it


dyno, the reason you saw this before with a different speach bubble is because the same artist submitted it with another speach bubble.

Sly Devil

I'm sorry for submitting a retooled design. I just liked the image and concept so much I didnt want to give up on it yet. I think now would be the appropriate time to do that...

Much love,
Sly Devil

Anima Obscura

Oh no it's so sad
Poor cow

Nice shirt, but I think the text balloon makes it a bit weird, maybe if you move the whole print moer to the right... dunno

Great illustration for sure,



i love it.
but the cow looks weird.


Looks like a Neopets cow.


I LOVE the emo style of illustration you have used, the varied thickness of the lines represents the emo community very well.

Although it does look like a dog.

little e

don't cry, your time will come!


cute cow; could make a better statement, you know.


also: emo is a "community" now, trash_paradise?


i seen this cow before, its a repeat, except it says a different phrase. i still like why don't vegetarians like me better.


it still looks like a sad puppy.

owen skyser-gray

can we please stop using that color shirt? only break it out if you've got more interesting colors to go with it. which in this case, you don't.
but the shirt content is pretty nice, i aint gonna lie.
until the shirt color changes, though, youre stuck on 3 with me.


reminds me of that album, "all my friends are dead".


ohhhhhhhh pooooor!!! i love it. i wish i was vegeterian, so i'd buy it. 5

Vince Noir

i dont like it saying hamburger,

it doesnt really work for me,

to me hamburger refers to some sort of pork product, not a cow.
its an american way of saying it isnt it?

i dont really like this much

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