Kool Aid man burst thru the wrong wall this time. Cult Camp is happy to see him tho. Shown here in grape, go here http://tinypic.com/jfdv15.jpg to taste the splendor in cherry.

Watch this
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good drawing.


Kool-Aid Man should look pleasantly
shocked or surprised instead of sad.
He wants them to drink Kool-Aid, but
he hasn't seen a group that is so eager
to drink it.


I will kick you in the tights, you are VERY top heavy!

This comment was only an excuse to say that. I do like the color scheme, but I wouldn't wear this shirt.


helo, in order for the eager kool aid drinkers to reach the ufo chasing the mystical comet they must commit suicide by sugary drink. but we all know kool aid itself won't kill ya, at least not that quickly. So they'd have to put poison in the kool aid, and of course that'd kill the kool aid man as well. but i see where you were coming from.


i dunno freehandprofit... i mean... i don't know that it really follows that you could kill a kool-aid man with poison, yet he survives countless crashes through brick walls. seems that would be FAR more dangerous than poison for a dude made out of glass... :)


I like the idea, but I would've gotten it faster if the robes said Camp Jonestown or something. (Did those comet people even use koolaid? I thought they used downers and booze.)


ehh! terrible font...
good drawing though


good drawing.. intentions are kind of convoluted, though.


Dane Cook


It'd be better if he broke into a secret society in the middle of some ritual act of fornication with arms and legs akimbo.

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OH DAMN YOU! i was working on a kool aid design called Oh No...based on the Dane Cook Skit. But it looks really cool


thanks ste7en. as hard as it may be to believe i haven't seen that Dane Cook bit but apparently I need to check it out. Either way it seems to be a question of the Kool Aid man's mortality and/or whether he is pro-cult or not. oh and my font sucks. hahahahahaha... oh it's not that funny.


i think i like the idea more than the tshirt. i also think kool aid man should look shocked instead of sad. don't kill kool aid man :*(


actually, i think the tacky font is kinda a good idea. seems to me a cult would probably grab the first cheery free font they could find. i mean, i hang out with plenty of good graphic designers, and they're all far too hell-bent on individuality to be very cult-ish. it follows that this cult's graphic designerwould probably be a hack. i dunno... that's just what i got out of it.


took me a little while to get, and i don't think i would understand it without the title. but i like it


oh, so clever
at first I thought it was a family guy take off, but then I read the banner and the shirts
I love it


naughty naughty kool aid!

kody davies

i love it, but not on purple


Ha! I want this shirt, and so would most of my friends. Very clever. $5


Very funny idea, but I think you need to make it more immediately obvious what is going on for it to work as a T-shirt. I think changing the banner to a more direct reference, "Heaven's Gate Ice Cream Social" or something, would make the whole thing click for everyone sooner.


Can somebody explain what Cult Camp is, please


funny. but I do instantly associate Kool-Aid Man with Dane Cook, so there's that...


i like the idea, i really don't like the font


i agree that he should look shocked.

im from the uk so iv only seen this jug on family guy and the simpsons but i still love this t-shirt. well done


a lil' too plain


oh sorry posted at the wrong page. wanted to comment about another shirt. nevertheless, the design looks okay to me.


I'm not sure I like the stars coming off of the banner @@;? Also I would draw the lettering on the banner (personally I think the font on the cult members is fine). I really love how this is drawn though, your style is awesome nb


Anyone that thinks Dane Cook is funny should have there head examined. This guy is a tool. He brainwashed college kids through his web site to believe that he was the MAN. Which is total bull. This guy has a huge data base of robot fans that will pay to see him , and they only pay $17 to see him , if you don't believe me check out any college he has ever played at, but he has absolutely zero talent. The last time I was in New York I hung out at the "New York Comedy Club" and saw a comedian named "Robert Bella" , a cross between Steve Martin and Rodney Dangerfield , the funniest comic I have seen in years !!!! You want to laugh , see this guy , believe me you will thank me for the rest of your life. Make sure you call to see if he is performing , that way you don't go there just to see the average comedians.

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